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Canton-i @ The Gardens Mall, KL & Sunway Pyramid

Whenever we walk past Canton-i in The Gardens Mall, there is always a long queue outside the restaurant. My curious father suggested we go there for lunch one day. Since I am not a fan of queues, we went early (so no queue but still, a huge crowd inside!). 

The restaurant is crammed with tables (trying to maximise business, I guess) and our table was literally touching the next table. Though busy, service is very efficient, and we did not have to wait long for our food to arrive. If you are wondering why the piggy buns look familiar, you've probably seen it in my Dragon-i post - it's a must order everytime we dine there! Both restaurants are under the same group. 

Cute piggy buns - look familiar?

Open kitchen

The menu here is quite different from Dragon-i and aims to bring the best of Hong Kong cuisine to Malaysia. The signature dishes here include HK style wantan noodles, aromatic roast goose,authentic handmade Hong Kong dim sum and smooth Chinese porridge.

Pickled green chillies for the noodles

The wantan noodles are air flown in from Hong Kong every week to ensure freshness. They are made from high quality, finely milled Canadian flour with high gluten content to create a springy texture. The soup on the other hand is prepared daily with ingredients such as pork bone, dried tangerine peel, shrimp heads, top grade Jin Hua Ham and dried sole which has been delicately simmered for 8 hours. This was indeed very good - love the smooth, springy texture of the noodles. Do not be deceived by the clear soup, which in fact is very flavorful. The prawns were huge and fresh too.

Signature Wonton Noodles with Jumbo Prawn Wontons in Soup (RM13.80)

I wanted to go for the dried scallops porridge, but dad picked this one instead - the Shredded Pork and Century Egg Congee (RM11.80). The congee was very smooth - apparently they use three types of rice grains to achieve this, Australian long grain rice, Japanese pearl rice and Thai fragrant rice. I did not think too much of the century egg and there wasn't as much as illustrated in the photos. LOL! Some yau char kwai (Chinese crullers) was served with the congee.

The roasted meats hanging in the kitchen (in view to the passerbys) sure looked good, but tastewise it wasn't that great. We went for 3 combinations of roast meat (RM32) - roast duck, honey glazed BBQ pork and roast pork belly. If you want, you can upgrade to roast goose for RM8. The roast duck was not well marinated, hence the meat was quite tasteless. The char siew was decent flavourwise but did not have melting layers of fat (and also a little too fatty for me). The roast pork belly (siew yoke) was the best of the lot with a crispy crackling top.

Some sauces to go with the roasted meat

Pork siew mai for the kids (RM6.80) - juicy enough

The signature eggs tarts (RM4.50) were really good with a flaky, buttery pastry. I feel the price is very reasonable too.

At some point, they had Angry Birds buns here too but it's no longer available. We ordered the Steamed Mr. Piggy Buns with red bean paste (RM6.80). They're cheaper than the ones from Dragon-i but nowhere near as good. The ones here are not as soft and fluffy but nonetheless the kids were happy to see them!

Purple orchids from our garden


Hubby and I have also previously visited the Canton-i outlet in Sunway Pyramid. The restaurant is much more spacious here, with lots of natural lighting during the day.

Braised peanuts (RM3)

Soya Bean drink (RM3.50)

Hubby ordered the 2 combination rice (roast pork and BBQ pork) (RM13.80). I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the small portion. I had the roasted duck wantan noodles (RM13.80), again the wantan noodles was excellent - springy texture and even the roasted duck here tasted good. I requested for duck breast meat and they complied.  We ended the meal with some of their lovely signature egg tarts (RM4.80).

Egg tarts (RM4.80)

Verdict: I like their wanton noodles and egg tarts best. Overall, I would prefer to dine in Dragon-i for better ambiance and quality of food.

Location: Canton-i, LG202 &203A, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2284 6888

Location: Canton-i, Lot G1.112 & G1.113, Ground Floor, Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Selangor.
Tel: 03-5636 2888

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  1. Hi Yen! I need to have supper now! :P

  2. I love this place!!!!!!! HAHA it's the first place that I go to whenever I'm back!! AND I always order the porridge :P

  3. Oooo...looks stunning. Ya...and I mean, your girl too! Pretty little lady!

  4. Mmmm I think I'd dive straight in for the egg tarts first. :-)

  5. I like Canton-i too! Big fan of their porridge, especially the (can't remember name) dunno what Canton-i supreme porridge. Comes with abalone, birds nest, scallops, etc, it's actually also not pricey cos the big bowl can feed like 2-3 ppl.

    1. Wah that sounds luxurious!! Must look out for that next time.

  6. We went to Canton-i at The Gardens once for dinner. It was so packed and a lot of items we wanted to order were sold out....

  7. The Sunway Pyramid outlet has better dining environment. I like their porridge, wantan noodle and roast duck. Also, their egg tart is the best in my list ;-)

  8. The Sunway Pyramid outlet has better dining environment. I like their porridge, wantan noodle and roast duck. Also, their egg tart is the best in my list ;-)

  9. Oh my...those piggies buns are so cute. I'm not a big fan for red bean paste but I'll still order them if I visit....some day. :P That won ton noodle soup looks wonderful the egg tart seems perfect too.

  10. Hi Yen,

    The Mr Piggy Buns are so cute. I can see baby C is happliy holding it.
    I remember i once saw these piggy buns shown by a fb friend in fb.
    And i tried to make it myself :p
    Just want to share with you here: and

    Have a wonderful week ahead:D

  11. waaah, the sight of the three roast ducks and the huge slab of pork belly hanging at the kitchen ... glorious! :D

  12. yorrr... the buns are soo cute!! If it's me I wont eat it. I wont. I'll bring home and display it in my room..hahaha!;D

  13. The noodles sure look springy! Wouldn't mind some right now! :D

  14. they are in Singapore too. But I have not tried it before. Looks like I should try this soon!

  15. somehow I still prefer Dragon-i. Canton-i food can be a hit and miss and though it looks good, flavor wise are a bit on the lighter side for me.. hehehe

    1. Hi Jen, I prefer Dragon-i too. More refined environment and food. :)

  16. Chloe dressed up so trendy, my Sam always don't like to wear the accessories I bought for her , "simplicity" is her style >.<


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