Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Old Prague Sausage @ Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czech Republic

It's always great to explore a city and visit one of their street side stalls to try one of the local specialties. While we were in Prague and walking through the Wenceslas Square from the Old Town Square we discovered a street side stall selling various sausages (local and German) and fast foods such as hamburgers and fried cheese. Some research has led me to news articles that tells us that these sausage stands may well be a dying institution in this part of Prague. The city hall of Prague is looking to remove these sausage stands from Wenceslas Square by the end of the year and replace them with more "tourist and pedestrian friendly stalls" selling goods such as flowers, newspapers and magazines and baked goods.

Old Prague sausage (60Kč)

The grand National Museum at the other end of the Wenceslas Square

The stall is situated in front of Koruna at the edge of Wenceslas Square

All sorts of sausages to curb your appetites and clog your arteries. There are even Bavarian and Nuremberger sausages in addition to local sausages such as the Wenceslas, Prague and Old Prague variants.

Make your order...

Spread on the mustard/ketchup of your choice...

Dig in! The sausages have a great bite to it and has a slightly spicy kick as well. These were as good as the ones we get from Germany ;)

There were various other street foods which we saw on our way there, such as:

Old Prague Ham


And more sausages!

Location: Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czech Republic.

*This is a guest post by The Unc.


  1. Oooo...I like! *heads to freezer to take out and grill - brought some very nice ones home from NZ that day, still not finished yet*

  2. All of those sausages look so full of flavour and juicy! :D

  3. i reli miss the sausages especially the one in Germany!

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  5. I think the food here looks much better in your photos than in real life!

  6. ooo, so many different types of luscious sausages! i wouldn't know which one to choose. i'd want three bites of each type! :D

  7. Darn ! All those mouthwatering and artery clogging sausages makes my mouth water :D

  8. Looks delish! Very funny when you said will clog arteries:))

  9. YUM!!! Looks extra good, especially in cold weather there. :D


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