Saturday, January 12, 2013

CNY 2013: Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya

This week, we were invited to Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant in One World Hotel to sample some dishes from their Chinese New Year menu. We have previously enjoyed the dim sum here, and yet again, we had a very enjoyable dinner here.

The star of the night

To usher in the Year of the Snake, various "Sau Kong Chau’, also known as the Appreciation Pre Chinese New Year celebration menus, the traditional Yee Sang and Chinese New Year specialities have been created by the chefs. "Sau Kong Chau" celebration menus are available from 1 to 31 January 2013, from RM988++ per table of 10 persons. The Lunar New Year Set Menus are available from 10 February to 28 February, with prices ranging from RM1088++ to RM1588++.

From 16 January onwards, diners can also enjoy four types of yee sang at Zuan Yuan. The traditional Yee Sang or raw fish salad symbolises prosperity and longevity, so it is a must to have this to start off your meal,  tossing to good health, wealth and happiness.. The colourful salad is tossed as high as possible with chopsticks while uttering auspicious wishes for the upcoming year. 

We sampled the Yee Sang with Soft Shell Crab and Condiments (RM70++ for half portion, RM140++ for full portion). It was my first time having yee sang with soft shell crab, and I really liked it - the crispy soft shell crab gave it a nice texture. 

Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Dried Scallop, Fish Lips and Crab Meat

Hubby enjoyed the meaty and fresh Steamed Star Garouper with Mandarin Orange Skin and Fresh Bean Curd.  This was lightly steamed, retaining its natural sweetness.

The star of the night and our favorite was the Zuan Yuan Crispy Roasted Duck. This was incredibly well prepared, with crisp skin, a thin layer of fat and succulent meat, we just couldn't get enough of it. Perfect!

The Wok Fried Tiger Prawn with Oats and Chilli is another finger-licking dish. Flavoursome and the prawns were big and fresh.

The Braised Abalone with Dried Oyster and Sea Moss in ‘Golden’ Bag represents many auspicious meanings - Good things, abundance, prosperity and gold. This is one of those CNY dishes which I enjoy eating.

Since Zuan Yuan is a pork-free restaurant, the Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice with is made using an assortment of (pork-free) Preserved Meat, Chicken Sausage and Yam. This was a pretty decent attempt considering the chef had to omit pork in the preparation.

Dessert was a rather unusual Pan Fried ‘Nian Gao’ topped with Cheddar Cheese. Personally I still prefer the traditional way of serving it with yam. We were also served a refreshing Chilled Soy Bean with Sea Coconut, Lotus Seed and Black Pearl.

Chilled Soy Bean with Sea Coconut, Lotus Seed and Black Pearl

Zuan Yuan will be open on the eve of Lunar New Year and throughout the fifteen days of the Lunar New Year. For reservations at Zuan Yuan, please call 03-7681 1159.


Opening times: Lunch 12.00noon to 2.30pm, Dinner 6.30pm to 10.30pm.

Location: Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, One World Hotel, First Avenue, Bandar Utama City Centre, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-7681 1159



  1. I agree with you that the roast duck is the star of the night:D

  2. Oh no!!!! Save the sharks!!!!
    A shameless, blatant egoistic display of one's opulence. Vanity at its worst! Senseless flaunting of wealth - for the mere sake of showing off. Ain't that some kind of sick mentality? And those things are, in fact, quite tasteless. Stupid is as stupid does.

    1. Boycott!!! Once the demand stops, the killing will too!

  3. Can't believe it's CNY already..! Great photos.. making me crave Yee Sang now haha!

    1. Haha I see u've had your fair share of yee sang edi too! :)

  4. wah shark fin~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  5. the duck looks incredible, and i'm sure i'd love it, since i'm a duck fan, but i'm also equally impressed by the look of the steamed fish! i'd want a big, juicy helping of that! :D

    1. Oh yes the duck was really good. Definitely one of the best around.

  6. Lap Mei Fun is something I looking forward when CNY :)

  7. I certainly can see the glorious duck with its beautiful skin glistening... oo, I never had Nian gao with cheese...salty & sweet, shld be interesting... :)


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