Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our photo in Malaysia Tatler December 2011 issue!

We were flipping through the December 2011 issue of Malaysia Tatler and look what we found -- a photo of us from the MIGF Gala Launch! During the gala launch,  we were approached by the Malaysia Tatler photographer but never imagined we would actually see our photo in the glossy magazine. :) 

An early, and nice Christmas surprise for us!


  1. cool :) what a nice surprise for you

  2. yay, that's a glamorous shot! if i'm ever at an event with you guys, i must remember to stand close to you, in order to boost my chances of appearing in magazine spreads too! heheh :D

  3. nice si pareng dolphy kasama. back in 2009, i had my first Philippine tatler magazine, a collection of cool places to go to. Glad that Misibis in Albay was mentioned there.


  4. Small Kucing: Thanks! Never expected to see it, since the event was in October.. just so happen to flick thru the magazine and saw it. :P

  5. Sean: Lol. It was thanks to Hubby (I think) that got us into the magazine... afterall he put on his kilt for this event :)

  6. congrats! what a fabulous pressie... :0)

  7. Hahaha...I'm going to agree with Sean.
    BTW...I'm so proud of you....all the best ya!


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