Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Eve Breakfast: Poached Egg with Summer Truffles and Truffle Oil on English Muffin

Since I didn't have time to bake a brioche as I have planned originally, we cheated a little and got these English muffins (RM2.00 each) from The Gingerbread Man in Ben's Independent Grocer. Back in the UK days, I used to get a packet of English muffins almost every weekend, lightly toast them and just eat with butter or scrambled eggs.. really good stuff! 

Poached Egg with Summer Truffles and Truffle Oil

Anyway, the English muffins we got from The Gingerbread Man were decent, though it's a lot bigger than what we're normally used to. Just cut them in half and place on top of the toaster (if it doesn't fit inside the toaster) for a couple of mins until it's lightly toasted. 

Since it was Christmas, we decided to get a jar of summer truffles that we saw in Ben's Independent Grocer, I was really excited. We have eaten truffles in restaurants many times but never bought them home before. This cost RM28.50 for 25g. Unfortunately it wasn't very good -- it was a little rubbery and did not taste or smell like truffles. It was more for the novelty effect than anything else. Anyway we only used a little for our Christmas eve breakfast, and what Hubby did was pour in a few drops of truffle oil into the summer truffle bottle and at least when we used it the next day, it felt a little more like eating truffles. :P

Here's how to poach an egg, as mentioned previously we do it the Delia Smith way. To poach an egg, fill a frying pan with 4cm barely simmering water. Break each egg into a cup and lower into the water. Cook for approximately 2 minutes (you will know it's cooked when the egg white has set). Use a slotted spoon to remove. Place the egg on the toasted English muffin. Season with salt and pepper and add 1-2 drops of truffle oil and several summer truffle shavings.

Nicely cooked poached egg

There you have it -- a simple yet decadent breakfast

Runny yolk -- beautiful :)

Full set of photos available to view here. 


  1. mmm, the final product does look good. i'd order it if i saw it depicted on the menu at any breakfast place. though maybe i'd request whether i could have two eggs instead of just one :D

  2. Looks like a gorgeous start to Christmas eve! I remember seeing those muffins at BIG - absolutely delightful! The bigger, the better, always!

  3. Wow love the poached egg! Perfectly done :) I like English muffins too.. have been trying to find them ever since I ate plenty of them in Aus. So far no luck! Even the one you had didn't seem tolook quite the same.. but I guess it would still work when there's no choice. :P

  4. Sean: Hehe I'll keep that in mind if I ever open a restaurant / cafe. Two eggs for Sean!

  5. Minchow: Thank u! It's simple but the kids love it (they love all types of egg!) :)

  6. Thanks Spiky for yr continuous support :)

  7. iamthewitch: How does the Australian muffins look like?


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