Monday, January 30, 2012

Indian Food @ Restoran Sri Anandan Villas, Alam Damai, Cheras

*Update: This restaurant has closed down (May 2012). 

In the papers last week, we read about the shortage of banana leaves hence banana leaf rice is now served on paper leaves in some restaurants. No such problem here at Sri Anandan Villas though, where the banana leaf rice is still served traditionally on a banana leaf!

Authentic banana leaf rice

More on the banana leaf rice later. Early January, I read another article about emerging food trends in 2012 (for UK if I'm not mistaken), and one of it was Malaysian food. Wonder how the Westerners will cope eating Malaysian food for breakfast? Hubby thought it was weird at first that we Malaysians eat rice and noodles for breakfast -- but now he's morphing into one of us too! LOL.

Roti canai happens to be one of our favourite breakfast food. Sri Anandan starts serving roti canai around 9am, so we only come here if we're wanting a late breakfast. The roti canai here is made fresh to order, which makes it taste much better than the ones we get at the mamak (which sometimes has been sitting around for a bit). Their curry sauce which you can order with the roti canai is really good as well, it has a sourish tinge and very flavoursome.

Roti bom

Curry sauce

I have also tried their mee goreng, which is quite decent. I still haven't found the perfect mee goreng in KL yet, used to get a really mean mee goreng from a Malay aunty in my hometown. Any recommendations?

Original lassi

Ice lemon tea

Teh tarik

We've been here several times for banana leaf rice as the restaurant is pretty clean and also air-conditioned during lunch, so it makes dining very comfortable. The vegetable options are nothing fancy, but I do find them very tasty. Along with rice, there will be three vegetables as well as poppadum with a rasam soup -- all served on a banana leaf. I like to drizzle my rice with sauces provided. I don't usually eat much rice for lunch but I find myself able to eat quite a lot when it comes to banana leaf rice! Must be because of the appetizing sauce, I think.

Tofu in spicy/sweet sambal

Bittergourd - I like!

Just normal choy sam but it taste really good for some reason!

The sauces to drizzle over the rice

Another must-have for us here when to go with our banana leaf rice is the mutton curry. It's very delicious, plus you get quite a lot of meat (some places give lots of bone or gristle) which is tender and flavoursome.

Full set of photos available to view here.

Opening times: 9am to 9pm.

Price: Reasonable.

Location: Restoran Sri Anandan Villas, Damai 8, No. 15, Jalan Damai Puspa 5, Alam Damai, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. (next to KK Kopitiam and Food Court by the market/police station)

GPS Coordinates: 3.057312, 101.746117


  1. I too prefer the traditional banana leaf way! If I am with my dad, he will insist we use hands and fingers to eat! tastier, he says;)

    1. OK, next time I need to try and eat with hands also :P

  2. mmm, i just realized that banana leaf rice can actually be a fairly healthy & balanced meal (if we don't take TOO much curry, heh). i think it's been ages since i had it though. i should pop into one of the telawi BLR outlets the next time i'm in bangsar :D

  3. it's always nice to have banana leaf rice on real banana leaves.. makes it feel authentic. But majority of these restaurants nowadays charge rather high, still delicious though

    1. Yeah considering it is only rice and vegetables only, it's quite expensive.

  4. if the spicy and sweet curry sauce cook with chicken I would like to eat it like vacuum cleaner lol :P

  5. I miss roti bom - so sinful yet SO GOOD. :D

  6. place looks comfy and they have fried bittergourd? Love those with a good meal of bananleaf rice.

  7. It's very clean which is a plus point for me. I dislike eating at dirty places.

    No deep fried bittergourd here, just stir fried I think with spices.

  8. looks like a very clean place to eat.


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