Thursday, September 30, 2010

Homemade Butter

Since we were already baking our own bread, why not make our own butter as well?

To make butter at home, double cream or whipping cream can be used as they have a higher fat content. Butter is made when the butterfat and buttermilk separates in the cream.

Most people use the jar-shaking method to make butter, but I didn't have an empty jar on hand when I first attempted it so I used the whisk instead. Making butter is really quite simple, I never knew how easy it was until I attempted it myself for the first time.

Why make your own butter? Because homemade butter is fresher and lighter than commercial brands and best of all, it contains no preservatives! However, in Malaysia, it can be expensive to make your own butter at home due to high prices of double or whipping cream. A 1l pack of whipping cream costs approximately RM20.

But think about the cold, creamy butter you would be rewarded with, and you might just be tempted to make your own butter. Absolutely great with those warm freshly baked bread!

Homemade Butter
Preparation time: 10-15 minutes
Makes 1/4 cup

Ingredients200ml whipping cream

1. Place the whipping cream into a large bowl and whisk until the cream separates into small balls of butter (it will resemble scrambled eggs and the cream will go a bit yellow) and liquid buttermilk.

2. Continue to whisk for another 2-3 minutes until there is no more liquid separating from the butter and the butter seems to clump.

3. Drain the buttermilk and reserve it for other uses such as cooking or baking. (We didn't quite know what to use the buttermilk for, so we gave them to our dogs which they lapped up happily!)

4. Ensure that all buttermilk is removed from the butter, or else it will go bad really quickly (unless you eat it within 24 hours, then you can skip the washing process).

5. Put the butter into a big bowl and add cold water. The water has to be very cold, or else the butter will melt and wash away with the water. Swirl it around, then pour the liquid away.

6. Repeat the process until the water is clear.

7. Dry the butter by putting it against a clean cloth and pushing against it. Transfer butter into a clean airtight container.

8. Before using, flavour the butter with some freshly ground salt as desired.

Wonder Butter


  1. wow...u are so HEBAT! ;-)

  2. melissa: Lol. Not hebat la... this is really easy. You can also make it :)

  3. Babe.. buttermilk - for PANCAKES! They are delish! I'm sure you love your doggies but think of buttermilk pancakes.... YUM!

  4. Pegs: Yeah I know better now! Next time I'm gonna use it for pancakes or scones!

  5. Is double cream available in Malaysia?

  6. Pastry Heaven: Unfortunately no (not that I know of anyway). I usually just use whipping cream as substitute.


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