Saturday, June 27, 2009

Das Restaurant, Zeppelinmuseum, Friedrichshafen, Germany

On our final day at Friedrichshafen, we went to the Das Restaurant located in the Zeppelin Museum for lunch. Friedrichshafen is best known for being the home to the Zeppelin airship company, so naturally there is a museum for visitors to learn more about the history of Zeppelins.

The interior of the restaurant is modern and pictures of Zeppelins fill the walls. As it was a hot and sunny day, we opted to sit outside on the balcony. We had a fabulous view of Lake Constance and the Friedrichshafen Moleturm from where we were sitting.

The view

The menu comprises of less than 20 items and surprisingly, there is no English menu here. Thankfully, Bro translated some of the dishes for us. We each opted for a different soup for our starter. I had the creamy asparagus soup with croutons, which was well, creamy. With every spoonful of soup, I got a bite of the lovely "spargel" (white asparagus).

Hubby had the carrot and ginger soup with croutons, which was also very creamy. All soup served with warm bread and butter.

Bro had the clear beef broth with some flzdle (thin crispy egg strips), strips of carrot and garnished with chives. This was the nicest tasting soup out of the 3 - very flavoursome.

Since fish is in abundance and fresh in Friedrichshafen, Hubby and I ordered fish for our main course. White fish from Lake Constance is popular, so I had the felchen fillet served with baked courgettes, asparagus and mash potatoes. Hubby had the '3 types of fish' dish, served with boiled potatoes, carrots and another unidentified root vegetable.

Felchenfilet mit Kresseschaum überbacken grünem Spargel und gebratenen Kartoffeln

Hubby's main course

Bro had rump steak cooked medium with a herb crust (Friedrichshafen chefs sure have a thing for herb crust, although I think this one complimented the steak quite well) served with sauteed potatoes and vegetables.

Kalbsrückensteak unter der Kräuterkruste auf Rahmbohnen mit Kartoffelblätterteig

The gentlemen washed down their food with a cold Leibinger beer.

Opening hours: 1130 - 1400 (Lunch)

Comfort: Relaxed atmosphere. Very clean.

Service: Good.

Price: Reasonable. Approx. €5 for soup and €17 for main course.

Food: 4/5. Tasted fresh.

Location: Das Restaurant im ZeppelinmuseumSeestraße 2288045 Friedrichshafen, Germany.


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