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Recipe: Cold Tau Fu Fah with Ginger Syrup

Are you a fan of tau fu fah 豆腐花? Also known as soy bean pudding, this is one of my favourite Asian desserts. Commonly, tau fu fah is served hot with ginger syrup. 

In 2019, we discovered this place in Petaling Street which served cold tau fu fah and even Hubby enjoyed it! So I tried making my own cold tau fu fah at home too, using store-bought soy milk and gelatin powder, so the end result is like a soft, wobbly jelly-like dessert. I usually make it in the evening and leave it in the fridge overnight to set, and enjoy it the next day. Super refreshing, especially during the hot weather!

cold tau fu fah with ginger syrup

Cold tau fu fah with ginger syrup
Recipe by Baby Sumo
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Serves 4

700ml sugar-free soy milk
3 tsp gelatine powder

For the ginger syrup
4cm gula melaka
300ml water
3cm old ginger

1. Place soy milk with gelatin powder in a saucepan and leave for 5 minutes. Turn on to medium heat and gently heat the soy milk, stirring frequently to dissolve the gelatin. Turn off heat once you see the first bubble forming; this will take about 8-10 minutes. 

2. Strain soy milk into four small rice bowls. Place in fridge to set for at least 12 hours.

3. Place water and old ginger in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Simmer for 10 minutes. Add gula melaka and stir to dissolve. Simmer for another 5 minutes. Taste, and add more gula melaka if you like it sweeter. Allow to cool for 15 minutes.

4. Remove cold tau fu fah from fridge and top with 4 tablespoonfuls of ginger syrup on each bowl. Enjoy!

Note: I use Homesoy original No Sugar Added soy milk.
cold tau fu fah with ginger syrup cold tau fu fah with ginger syrup cold tau fu fah with ginger syrup cold tau fu fah with ginger syrup cold tau fu fah with ginger syrup cold tau fu fah with ginger 
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  1. Never tried that but I don't think I will like the syrup, not that fond of ginger.


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