Sunday, July 14, 2019

Xiang Ji Satay House, Melaka

Hubby and the kids love satay, so we decided to check out Xiang Ji Satay House when we were in Melaka recently. We arrived at the restaurant around 5pm; parking was a breeze and the restaurant was not too crowded, so we were served really quickly.

There is a menu on the wall, listing out the different types of Hainanese satay that they serve, including satay chicken, pork, intestine, pork liver (RM0.90 each) and otak-otak (RM1.10). Ordering is simple - just let them how many sticks of each that you want. We went for both chicken and pork, which were cooked to order on the charcoal grill.

You can also watch them threading on the meat onto skewers at the front of the restaurant. 

The satays here at Xiang Ji Satay House had a nice lean to fat ratio; they were tender, juicy and flavorful. I especially loved the pork satay, which comes with alternate chunks of meat and thin strips of fat. The fats were nicely crisp, as they get grilled over the hot charcoal embers.

The peanut sauce is awesome too; they include pineapple into their sauce which gives it an appetizing zing. They will serve nasi impit, cucumber and onions to your table based on the number of diners, do note that these are chargeable. Hubby loved the satay here so much, he declared it as one of the best satays he's eaten in Malaysia.

Operating hours: 11am to 8.30pm daily.

Price: Total bill RM41.60 for 4 pax, including drinks.

Location: Xiang Ji Satay House, 50, Jalan Portugis, 75200 Melaka. (Street parking available - opposite SRJK Pay Teck)

  • Tel: 019-667 8868

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  1. It's quite rare to find pork satay around here. Must KIV this place if I ever visit Melaka.


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