Sunday, October 25, 2015

5 Fun Halloween Crafts To Do with Your Kids

Halloween's coming, and this year, Hubby was excited to involve both our kids in some Halloween arts and crafts. An especially fun activity, and great time-filler since school was closed for quite many days due to the terrible haze in KL.

Here are 5 fun and easy Halloween crafts you can do with your kids:

1. Halloween characters - using toilet roll

This is a really easy one, all you need are toilet rolls which you wrap in different colored paper, and then draw on the eyes (+ features) for the Halloween pumpkin, ghost, and Frankenstein. For the mummy, first you will need to cut out a small piece of black paper, and to it stick two small yellow rounds and then draw the black dots. Then wrap the toilet roll with white corrugated art paper for the bandage effect - remember to cut out the rectangle (where you will position the eyes) so that you can see the eyes.

Things you'll need:  Art paper (white, green, orange, black and yellow), Glue / double sided tape, Scissors, Black marker pen, Corrugated white paper.

Time required: 30 minutes

2. Skeleton - using cotton buds

You will need one piece of large art paper (brown or black preferable), and lots of cotton buds. Arrange to form a skeleton as per the picture.

Things you'll need: Art paper (Brown or black), Cotton buds, Scissors, Glue, Craft eye (x2).

Time required: 15-20 minutes

3. Frankenstein head - using cardboard

The head is crafted from a single piece of cardboard, large enough to either go round the wearers head or at least 3/4 round. To create the curved shape score lines on one side of the cardboard at say 3cm interval. These lines will be used to help make the mask bend into shape without creasing. Another piece of cardboard say 5cm wide is required to hold the 3 elastic band in place that will fasten the mask closed.

Use the craft glue to stick the large and smaller pieces of cardboard together, sandwiching the 3 elastic band at evenly spaced intervals down the back of the mask.

Glue the green paper onto the front of the mask and use the black marker pen to draw on the hair and facial features. We used 2 wooden dowels to fasten elastic bands closed once the mask is worn.

A toilet roll is cut in half and used as Frankenstein's neck bolts. By stuffing the rolls with tissue paper then soaking the paper with craft glue the bolts were stuck to the mask.  Alternatively holes could be cut in the cardboard and the tubes pushed into place.

The back of the Frankenstein head

Things you'll need: Cardboard(x1), Green art paper A4 x3, Black Marker Pen, Elastic Band (x3), Tissue paper, scissors or art knife, white craft glue, toilet roll.

Time required: 25-30 minutes

4. Black cat - using paper plate

Using spray paint, colour the paper plate black and allow paint to dry. Or you can paint it by hand using black paint, or cut a large circle from black art paper.  Cut a small circle out from the plate, and then a circular strip from the smaller circle, which will made up both head and tail. Stick on the smaller circle to the body, then stick on eyes and whiskers (you can use white art paper, cut into long strips). Stick on tail. Using scissors, cut out ears from the head.

Things you'll need: Paper plate (x1), Black Paint / Spray paint, Glue/double-sided tape, Scissors, Craft eye (x2), Art paper (white).

Time required: 30 minutes

5. Bats

Go to Google and search for "Bat Templates", and you will find loads under "Image". Print out and then cut out on cardboard or heavyweight art paper in black.Then, cut out according to shapes, and then paint using black paint or spray paint if paper used is not black.

Things you'll need: Cardboard or thick art paper, Scisscors, Paint/Spray paint in black.

Time required: 15 minutes

Boo! Have a spook-tacular time!

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  1. The cotton tip skeleton is such a clever idea! I will never look at them in the same way again! :P


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