Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kids Craft: Gold Fish & Lantern for Chinese New Year (CNY)

Growing up, I always made crafts out of leftover angpow packets with my mum prior to Chinese New Year. Our favorites (and really easy to do ones) are goldfish 金鱼 and Chinese lantern 灯笼. And this year, I made them with my kids too, some to decorate our house with and some for the kids to bring to school to decorate their classrooms with to create a festive air.

Let's welcome the Year of the Goat ;)

How to Make Gold Fish 金 鱼 using Angpow Packets

What you need: Red angpow packets, Scissors, Stapler

Optional: Googly eyes, Glue, Ribbon

1. First, cut off the flap end from the red packet.  Fold the red packet into half, then cut along folded line. You will have two squares to make 2 fish.

2. Take one square and fold into half to form a triangle. Using a scissors, cut along the folded line to the centre. You will also need to cut the sealed sides. Also, on the opposite end, cut out a small diamond shape for the mouth.

3. Cross the two sides to make your tail. The centre of the fish should be puffed up on both sides to get a nice 3-D shape. Staple the tail to hold it's shape. If you like, you can stick on a googly eye just above the mouth.

4. Cut a length of ribbon or strip from angpow paper and make a loop and staple to top of the fish. You can now hang this fish anywhere in your home.

How to make a Chinese red lantern 灯笼 from angpow packets

What you need: Red angpow packet, Scissors, Stapler, Red thread.

1. First, cut off the flap end of the red packet. Fold it in half lengthwise, then using your scissors, cut thin strips from centre until about 1cm from the top. Repeat for the whole length.

2. Open the red packet and then bring both ends together, bending slightly and then staple to hold shape. Cut a strip of red angpow paper, and then stapler to the top for the handle. Also, cut a length of red thread and tie ends, now you can hang this anywhere you like in your home.

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  1. omigosh, so cute and creative! love the goat and fish. i'm embarrassed to say i never thought of doing this with ang pow packets! :)

  2. Oh wow these are SO good Yen! A friend of mine makes lanterns out of red packets too. So creative :)


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