Friday, December 12, 2014

Maybank #iLove: Get 25,000 Bonus Air Miles!

When I was living in the UK, Hubby (then boyfriend) and I used to travel often to Europe for weekend breaks, holidays and work. Some of the amazing places we've visited include Prague, Marbella, Venice, Munich, Heidelberg and London. And everytime we flew, we were accumulating air miles to our frequent flyer accounts. Collecting air miles meant that we could redeem award flights and flight upgrades later on.

We love travelling

For example, with Enrich, you can upgrade from Economy to Business Class for 25,000 miles to destinations such as Melbourne, Beijing, Tokyo or Dubai. You can also redeem an award ticket to Phuket or Singapore from only 7,500 miles.

Thanks to an abundance of air miles, we have redeemed a few business class flights to and from Malaysia (only having to pay a minimal amount for airport tax and fees). This is a pocket friendly opportunity to enjoy the comfort of flying Business class.

Never in my dreams would I have imagined that I would also get to fly First Class on a long haul flight, but I did thanks to the many miles that Hubby has accumulated on his Enrich account. It was certainly a memorable experience for me.

Yes, I got to fly in style... First Class baby! ;)

And now, Maybank is spreading the love to their customers through a series of special offers. Called the Maybank #iLove campaign, customers can win 25,000 bonus air miles, enjoy 100% cashback or win a Volkswagen Polo Sedan when they sign up or spend with Maybank cards.

To be in the running to win 25,000 air miles, simply sign up for one of these Maybank Premium credit cards - Maybank World MasterCard, Maybank Visa Infinite, and Maybank 2 Cards Premier from 12 September 2014 to 15 January 2015.

The first 500 newly approved cards with spending of RM55,555 during the campaign period will receive 15,000 complimentary Bonus Air Miles while the first 650 newly approved cards with spending of RM5,555 in 30 days will receive 10,000 complimentary Bonus Air Miles. The miles will be credited in the form of TREATS Points to the Cardmember which the Cardmember can convert to his/her choice of either Krisflyer or Enrich air miles.

To apply, SMS 'AIRMILES' to 66628 or call 1800 22 1111 or visit the Maybank website or visit any Maybank branch for more details.


  1. Sorry, no account with them - the branches here are forever packed to the brim. I'd just go elsewhere.

  2. 25k Air miles? Count me in! :)

  3. I am so hopeless with knowing about airmiles and collecting them! But clearly they're worth noting because look at the upgrades that you've gotten! :D

  4. It's gonna be January soon, don't think anyone could simply spend RM55,555 now and get away from getting taxed. Hahaha... anyway, it seems like a good deal :)

  5. BUt its only for credit card right? aarghhh only have debit card...


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