Sunday, September 28, 2014

Maruhi Sakaba, Faber Plaza, Taman Desa, KL

On a night out with my girl friends, we visited Maruhi Sakaba in Taman Desa. Maruhi Sakaba is one of the Japanese outlets owned by Seiji Fujimoto (of Sanuki Udon, Japanese BBQ and Lao Jiu Lou). This outlet specialises in kushiyaki / yakitori, skewers of grilled goodness. 

Maruhi Sakaba is located at Faber Plaza (look for Public Bank and it's a couple of doors down). Find this Chinese signboard and you're at the right place.

The restaurant is pretty big and can accommodate many tables. We ordered their signature cocktail called "Maruhi Sour" (RM45) which was served in a kettle. A mix of shochu, Angostura bitters, lime & soda water. One pot lasted us the whole evening.

The menu is a one-pager, consisting of chicken kushi, pork kushi, vegetable kushi, appetizer & rice as well as drinks. They also have a specials menu near the kitchen such as ramen, pork liver sashimi etc.

We just ordered lots of random items from the menu and to our delight, almost everything was really tasty. The meats were well-marinated and tasty, and they also serve two types of delicious dips to go with the meat. Our favorite of the evening was the pork belly (RM4 per skewer) as the meat was grilled til it was melt-in-the mouth, we kept ordering more of this.

The lamb skewers (RM5), chicken wings (RM5) and pig tongue (RM4) were also good. The only item which we didn't like that much was the chicken skin in mustard sauce (RM5) - not much taste and the texture is a bit weird for us.

Edamame (RM3), to fill our veggie quota

Tofu (RM5)

Chicken skin in mustard sauce (RM5)

Okra...aiyo so skinny!(RM3)

Eggplant (RM3)

A highly recommended dish here is the organ meat stew (RM10), a hearty comforting stew with pig's intestine. We all enjoyed this. 

Lost count of how many kushiyaki we had

Chicken wings and pork belly

We had a great meal here - the food is tasty, reasonably priced, and service is fast and good.

Opening times: 6pm-10.30pm daily. Closed on Mondays.

Price: Total bill RM150.

Location: Maruhi Sakaba, No. 6A Faber Plaza, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur. (closest landmark is Public Bank)

GPS Coordinates: 3.102737, 101.682849

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  1. I haven't tried the organ meat stew yet! I'm so going back...hehe =)

  2. The chicken skin dish is..... er...a bit gross for me @@

  3. didnt know there ois one such nice place there

  4. heheh, that's a real feast of kushiyaki ... keep 'em coming till we're stuffed! :D

  5. Hehe I'm one of those people that loves eating things on sticks. I think I'd enjoy this! :D

  6. drooling at the kushiyaki..sedaapppppp! <3


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