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Daily Set Menu & A La Carte @ Colonial Café, The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Walking into The Colonial Café located in the Majestic Wing of The Majestic Hotel KL transports diners back to the halcyon days of the planters of Malaya. Plush red leather chairs, crisply starched white tablecloths and timber panelling reinforce the colonial feel as well as exuding elegance.

The Bar is the place where you can enjoy a Stengah, Gin Pahit or Sling just like the planters of old. The gold-leafed domed ceiling is an original feature of the historic hotel.

Lots of natural lighting during the day - perfect for taking photographs!

Colonial Cafe offers classic colonial dishes such as Hainanese chicken chop, prawn cocktail, mulligatawny soup and rib eye steak. Hainanese chefs have been hired to keep the experience as authentic as possible. Colonial cuisine is essentially the result of two completely different culinary cultures coming together, whereby Hainanese chefs attempt to recreate traditional British meals using local ingredients resulting in a unique and innovative culinary translation.

For lunch and dinner, Colonial Cafe has recently introduced daily set menus throughout the week, customers can choose to have either a 3-course (RM90++) or 4-course meal (RM120++). The menus change daily and include a starter, soup (if opting for 4-course), main course and dessert. Delicious daily main course offerings include blackened whole roast crusted veal rack, prime rib of Angus beef, and traditional Beef Wellington. Pretty good value, if you ask me. The daily set menus can be viewed here.

Avocado and crab with refreshing mango salsa and Japanese pickled cucumber miso style

During our 3D2N staycation at the hotel, we opted to have lunch here twice and also dinner for one evening. The food we ordered was a mix of dishes from the a la carte menu as well as the value-for-money daily set menu.

Tuesday's set menu was a delight from start to finish. The starter of avocado, crab and mango salsa salad was visually attractive, light and delicious. A classic combination executed perfectly. Next, was the creamed white asparagus soup with escargot ravioli. Baby C enjoyed this flavorful soup for its rich and creamy texture.

Creamed white asparagus and escargot ravioli

Our kids are going through a "I-love-lamb-rack" phase so the main course definitely got them very excited. Two nicely roasted lamb cutlets were devoured by the kids in no time, and they wished there was more. ;) We finished off our meal nicely with the English summer trifle with honeycomb crust, served in a cocktail glass.

Pepper crusted roast rack of Romney Marsh lamb with braised Savoy cabbage and potato Boulangere and rosemary jus

English summer trifle with honeycomb crust

For variety, I suggested Hubby order from the a la carte menu. A popular British hors d'oeuvre, especially from the 1960s to the 1980s, prawn cocktail (RM35) was an essential items for Brits to have in any Western restaurant in Malaya. The portion is generous, and upon Hubby's recommendation I also had this later at dinner time for my starter.

Classic Prawn Cocktail

When dining with our kids, we always order what they like - the baked honey-glazed cod fish (RM130) was a yummy choice. The fish was fresh, flaky and moist, served with crispy battered onion rings and butter-glazed asparagus. Another big hit with the kids was the Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding (RM35), served with Cornish clotted cream. I managed to steal a bite and the two of them finished off the rest.

Baked honey-glazed cod fish

Warm Apple and Pear Crumble (RM45)

Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding

Open your mouth wide!

In the evenings, descendants of the legendary Maestro Alfonso Soliano, a family whose musical traditions are entrenched in the nation’s history perform beneath the golden dome. A class act they entertained us throughout our dinner for two.

To start, Hubby had the homemade oak-cured smoked salmon (RM35) served with grain bread and honey mustard. The smoked salmon (hidden beneath the salad) was delicate and went well with the salad. I had the prawn cocktail, as mentioned earlier, and it really is a huge portion. For mains, we tried the 120-day grain fed Porterhouse Angus Steak (RM210) cooked medium rare. Gorgeous piece of meat and so juicy!

Prawn cocktail

For dessert, Hubby had the sticky date and toffee pudding since he didn't get to try it during lunch while I had the spotted dick (RM45) - a rich suet pudding with spices, currants and orange peel and served with custard. Been a while since I had one of these. - a popular cake in Britain which gets its name from the currant "spots".

Spotted dick

For lunch the following day, we found ourselves back again at Colonial Cafe. I am particularly fond of the elegant and cosy ambiance here. I ordered the daily set menu (Wednesday) which kicked off with a baked portobello mushroom topped with arugula and a creamy egg dressing. I liked the spinach and cheese stuffing. This was followed by a hot and creamy soup of sweet roast tomatoes and basil. Main course was the Roast Atlantic cod fish with a really rich Brie mash and parsley sauce. To end, a rice pudding, bruleed and served cold. Tea/coffee is also included with the set menu. 

Baked portobello mushroom topped with arugula and a creamy egg dressing

Cream of Sweet Roast Tomato Basil Sabayon

Roast Atlantic cod fish with parsley sauce and brie mash

Rice pudding

The Bangers and Apple (RM55) hot starter that Hubby ordered was a substantial portion. Since this is a pork-free establishment, I am guessing that sausages are made from either chicken or turkey and it was very good. Served with mash and red onion gravy.

Since Colonial Cafe is famous for its Hainanese cuisine, of course we cannot leave without trying one of the Hainanese dishes here. Hubby chose the Old-Style Hainanese chicken rice ball (RM55) served with poached chicken. The poached chicken was smooth and tender and served with three types of condiment (dark soy sauce, fragrant ginger and homemade chilli sauce) and a clear chicken soup. This was really tasty and I ended up swapping half of my cod fish with Hubby for this.

Bread and butter pudding

Full daily set menu can be viewed here.

Verdict: Fantastic ambiance, stellar service and good food. The daily set menus are good value for money, I especially liked the (current) Tuesday menu that I tried.

Service: Good.

Location: Colonial Café, Majestic Wing, The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2785 8000

Website: http://www.majestickl.com/

GPS Coordinates: 3.139059, 101.692617

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  1. Ahhhhhh!!!! Live entertainment! I'd like that...a lot! And ooooo....the blue & white crockery. I love those!!! Wouldn't mind having them all in my collection.

  2. They have rice pudding! Classic. I am sure everything tastes extra good in such opulent surroundings,

  3. Wat!!! Blackened whole roast crusted veal rack...gimme! =)

  4. Hi Yen,

    Wow!!! that everything looks so posh and delicious. I like the baked honey-glazed cod fish the most :)


  5. very regal surroundings,magnificent presentation of sweets,

  6. The restaurant looks spectacular.... love the decor!

  7. I haven't been this place yet. The food looks good, I want to try the desserts! :D

  8. wow, awesome lunch sets! too many good things to look forward to, though we're most torn by the creamed white asparagus and escargot ravioli, and the divine-looking portobello mushroom! XD


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