Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ben's, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

Ben's at KLCC was our destination for lunch after spending the morning at Petrosains. We took a peek inside and liked what we saw (nice decor and fairly quiet when we arrived at 11.30am). The menu selection was vast, so we knew there would something somewhere in that menu which would suit our tastebuds.

To Eat is to Love


Contemporary decor, modelled after a Manhattan townhouse

With a view of the KLCC Park and Fountain

Service was very pleasant, and the waiting staff were pretty attentive (well until the point where the place filled up to the brim then it was more difficult to get their attention). We were sat in a nice corner with a view of the KLCC Park. It did take us quite a while going through the menu, there was afterall 14 types of salads, 12 types of sandwiches, 16 types of pasta, 23 types of desserts and more. You get the drift.

Ice Lemon Tea (RM8.90)

T2 English Breakfast Tea (RM7.90 per pot)

Root Beer Float (RM7.90)

I would rate the Chunky Mushroom Soup (RM11.90) as one of the better ones I've eaten lately. The soup had a nice creamy texture and was fragrant from the truffle oil. The mushroom bits were in abundance, so extra brownie points for that. A slice of garlic toast was served with the soup.

One of my fellow diners had the simple but delicious Beef Bolognese Spaghettini (RM18.90) served with Parmagiano and basil leaf. A well prepared dish.

I had the Duck Confit Ciabatta (RM22.90) served with caramelised onions, four colour chips and a side salad. Everything, and I mean everything was delicious. The duck confit ciabatta was excellent, from the flavoursome shredded duck confit to the caramelised onions. And the chips were crispy and so addictive, I could munch on them all day. Even the side salad (edamame, nuts, radicchio, lettuce) was tasty.

Gorgeous duck confit ciabatta

Crispy four colour chips

Appetizing salad

Another fellow diner had the Quiche Lorraine (RM15.90). I have to say it looks really mouthwatering though I never tried it. She commented that it was really good. The quiche is also served with a side salad.

Hubby had the Ben's Cheeseburger on a sesame seed bun (RM23.90) with cheddar slices, french fries and a side salad. Top marks for the satisfying, thick juicy patty.

We had hits and misses with the desserts here. The strawberry shortcake (RM9.90) made with fresh cream and vanilla sponge was lovely and the best dessert we had that afternoon. Coming in at second place was the Banoffee Sundae (RM9.90), a mix of fresh bananas, shortbread, ice-cream and chocolate sauce. The tiramisu (RM11.90) was mediocre as I personally felt it lacked the strong coffee and alcoholic taste that I like with this dessert. The least favorite dessert was my order of Red Velvet Cake (RM10.90) which tasted weird, the cake had been reheated in the microwave and the chocolate ganache just didn't taste right.

Strawberry shortcake

Banoffee Sundae


Red velvet cake
The place was really packed by the time we left and there was a queue forming for people wanting to get in. Talk about good business.

Verdict: The food is good, so I would not hesitate recommending this place. However, be warned that the noise levels can be pretty bad at peak hours (so loud that you have to shout to speak to the person sitting directly opposite you).

Opening times: 10am to 11pm daily.

Service: Good.

Price: RM200 for 4 pax.

Location: Ben's at KLCC, Lot 140, 1st Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur. (opposite Harrods)

Tel: 03-2163 1655


  1. the quiche looks really juicy and the cheeseburger is something i've been meaning to order, but never got around to it! but anyway, based on the first few weeks, it looks like this place will have a loooooong and bright future at klcc =)

  2. Finally... a new makan place at KLCC! :)

  3. Sean: Yes I think so too! The crowd really dig this place!

  4. Michelle: Aww can you get root beer in cans there?

  5. LFB: Actually I think there are a few new makan places in KLCC now... Umai-ya was another that I noticed.

  6. yay! got place to go d... hehe

  7. That duck confit ciabatta looks darn good!

  8. woah! love the look of that red velvet cake!!!

  9. Ai Wei: Planning to go with your girlfriends? Its a nice place to hangout.

  10. Small Kucing: Soup is nice, and quite reasonably priced for KLCC.

  11. Pure Glutton: Oh yes it is... super yummy! I wouldnt mind eating that again.

  12. idontcryieat: But it doesnt taste nice :(

  13. the cake looks awesome! ill make sure to go off peak if possible :)

  14. Umai-ya in KLCC? Gotta let my frens know...thanx

    Speaking of Ben's, I have tried:

    Soft-Shell Crab salad
    Fisherman's Catch burger
    Mexican Soft-Shell Crab tortilla
    Peking Duck Hoi-Sin roll

    Recommended if u re-visit...hehe...

  15. QuaChee: I think its less busy between 3-6pm. Perfect for teatime (cakes!).

  16. Ulric: Thanks for the recommendation :) Will give some of it a try if I return.

  17. This space used to be occupied by California's Pizza Kitchen, awww, I miss them! I had many good memories there but now it has changed to Ben's.

  18. Seem like most of the food were not bad :)

  19. I went to Ben's KLCC for lunch today and had a bad experience with them.

    1. service extremely superb slow. You need at least 1.30 hour for lunch if you plan to have lunch there. Waited 15 min for them to attend our table(infact we have asked them for 6 times to our table to take order), food served after half an hour or more but one by one. Wrong order was served and bill items were incorrect. We asked for bill before finsih our food but yet no sign at all until we walk to the counter to pay.

    2. Waiter and waitress are rude and no basic manner.

    Will i go back again?? Hmm.... maybe not as I can find that kind of food elsewhere....

  20. At first i thought this place was opened by a Jewish person from Israel because the name sounds very Jewish. The price will be quite reasonable then. But after reading it from a magazine (timeout KL or some magazine), i realized this place was opened by a Malaysian???! I began to think, wtf, i just wasted RM40+ on another Malaysian franchise! The feeling was like listening to Justin Bieber's song for the first time and thinking it was from a pretty girl. This was a real big disappointment. I am never going back to this place again!


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