Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Seremban Makan Trip, Part 4: Chee cheong fun & wu tao ko

Man, I wish my metabolic rate would speed up 10 times after our duck feast in the morning. I should have taken it easy with the duck and left some space for curry laksa. The pain of not being able to indulge in a bowl of curry laksa this trip is really killing me. To make matters worse, mum declared that she had to run some errands just a few doors down from Asia Laksa. Can see, can't touch.

While we were waiting for the store to open, Baby C wandered off and returned with a packet of chee cheong fun (rice noodle roll) and wu tao ko (yam cake). The uncle selling these operates from the back of his motorbike and is parked in front of the book store a few doors down from Asia Laksa. I think he only sells here on Sundays, and on other days he will sell from other locations. We have bought from him several times in the past whenever we come here for curry laksa.

Chee cheong fun and wu tao ko with a dash of sesame seeds

Mummy, mummy, see what I got you!

A fantastic breakfast for RM2...

If you love chee cheong fun and yam cake, you have got to try this. If you don't love chee cheong fun and yam cake, you should still give this a try and you might find yourself converted. It is really good! I like how the chee cheong fun is really smooth and the two sauces (sweet and spicy chilli) just compliments it really well. I sometimes find the accompanying sweet sauce sickly sweet elsewhere, but this one was just right. Since we weren't eating it on the spot, the uncle kindly separated the sauces for us. The wu tao ko is one of the best I've ever eaten, the texture is really soft and smooth with a distinct taste of dried shrimp which makes it very flavourful. Most of the wu tao ko's you find nowadays are just floury and lacks the dried shrimp.This is the real deal. Who says you can't have a satisfying breakfast nowadays for RM2?

Price: RM0.50 per piece.

Location: Outside Book Store next to Restoran Asia, 364, Jalan Tok Ungku, 70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. (opposite Pejabat Pos Rahang and a few shops away from Kong Guan)

GPS Coordinates: 2°42'8"N 101°57'14"E


  1. Lucky you! RM 2 for such a lovely breakfast! I love wu tau ko and chee cheong fun! These days, good wu tau ko and chee cheong fun are hard to come by. More so, it is nearly impossible to have breakfast for RM 2 in Kuala Lumpur. Unless you are planning to just drink soy milk and have a tiny slice of steamed Malay cake.

  2. Michelle: I love simple breakfasts like this sometimes :)

    choi yen: Never try this combo b4? Very nice leh.

  3. The aunty at the bookstore just told me the uncle now no more selling. She says he is too old for that now. Too bad...


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