Friday, May 15, 2009

Mesana, Marbella

I first came across the term 'Michelin star' when I was still working in the UK. I used to watch cooking programmes on TV such as Great British Menu, where they produced beautiful plates of food. Ever since then, I always wanted to try how Michelin food tasted like.. did it taste as good as it looked?

What does the Michelin star mean?

The Michelin Red Guide awards one to three stars to restaurants that exhibit outstanding quality, where one star means "a very good restaurant in its category", two stars "excellent cooking, worth a detour", and three stars "exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey".

I had my first Michelin experience when we were on holiday at Marbella. My, oh my, it was wonderful!

Mesana is a one-star Michelin restaurant inside the Gvadalpin Marbella Hotel. We were staying in the Gvadalpin Banus and read about this restaurant in one of the brochures and Hubby decided to treat me for a lovely meal on our final night.

Upon arrival, we were asked if we would like a glass of champagne. Champagne on the house - never heard of that before!

The service was excellent, even my handbag got its own stool to sit on. How cool is that? They even had a water menu.... about 10 pages I think!

We wanted to order the degustation menu, but we arrived a little late and the maitre d' said we wouldn't have enough time to finish the 7 courser! Okay nevermind...... so I ordered a main course of fish and dessert. Hubby did the same.

So, we sat there sipping our champagne and drinking our special water from the special water menu and then this plate of 'food' appeared in front of us. Being a first timer, we didn't know what to expect, but the maitre d' explained to us that this was the first amuse bouche (appetizer) for the night. First? You mean there's more to come? (sorry I have no idea what the names to these dishes were cos they were in Spanish, and though the maitre d' was very nice, he spoke English a bit too quickly)

See how gorgeous the food looks! First appetizer for the night.

Second appetizer for the night. Veal wrapped in some thingy.

Hubby's main course. Fish dish.
Our desserts - I had the souffle while Hubby had a "chocolate ball" dessert which melts when you pour hot chocolate over it. Delish!

Yet another freebie! More desserts.

I went back to our hotel room a very happy lady. Michelin again please?

Comfort: The place is beautiful, very cosy setting.

Service: The best! So attentive.

Price: I think we paid less than €100 for both of us.

Food: 10/10 (it did taste as good as it looked)

Location: Mesana, Hotel Gvadalpin Marbella, Marbella, Spain

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