Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to Make an Origami Dog for Chinese New Year

2018 marks the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Every year, we would make some crafts to decorate our house with, so it's a no-brainer to make origami dogs out of angpow packets this year.

For this craft, I would recommend that you use angpow packets made of thicker paper if you would like your dog to be able to stand. You can also use thick art paper but we like using angpow packets as they're usually embossed with gold motifs which exudes a lovely Chinese New Year feel.

Watch the step-by-step video on YouTube, featuring our sifu Baby D. Yup, this young man is the one who taught all of us at home how to fold this origami dog. Happy watching and please click LIKE if you enjoyed watching it. :)

How to Make an Origami Dog for Chinese New Year

What you need: 1 red angpow packet, scissors, black pen/marker.

1. Cut off the overhang on the top, one side and bottom. Open and fold to make a square, and cut off excess (if any).

Or start with a square sheet of paper

2. Fold into a triangle, then fold into half again. Open.

3. Join each edge to the centre. Repeat for all four edges.

You will get this

4. Fold to this position (there will be a line on the paper). Then, fold up at the line.

5. At the other side, fold upwards, this will form the tail.

6. Fold the paper into half.

7. Fold in an upward angle to form the head. (The start point will on the same side as the tail and then goes upward). Repeat for other side.

8. Unfold these two flaps for the legs.

You will end up with this.

9. Using your black marker/pen, draw nose, mouth and eyes. Tip: Bigger eyes will make your dog look cuter.

Don't forget to check out the step-by-step video on YouTube! (link here) If you enjoyed watching our video, please LIKE the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel to show your support. Thank you! :)

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