Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Soo Kee's Son (Meng Chuan) Prawn & Beef Noodles, KL

I can never say no to a good plate of sang har meen. Soo Kee's Son (Meng Chuan) is one of the many sang har meen places on my radar (for the longest time) and we finally got to try it earlier last month when we were staycationing here as the hotel is only 500m away by foot.

The restaurant has fans but no air-conditioning so be prepared to sweat it out if you're here for lunch. Upon arrival, we were presented with a menu (in English.. yay!) along with photos, so ordering was a breeze.

Hubby went to watch the sifu / owner cook and when he showed me a photo of our sang har (freshwater prawn), I was suitably impressed. It was HUGEEEEEEE! Well, it better be, as it's not cheap... a plate of sang har mee here cost us RM90 for 1 prawn ... do check the price when ordering, as it is based on current market price.

Watch the sifu in action in this video:

The sang har mee is here was very good; the freshwater prawn was not only huge, it was very fresh and the meat was taut and sweet. The prawn was topped on crispy egg noodles and lots of delicious gravy. Definitely worth indulging in once in a while ;)

Tourists for the day... on a food adventure! ;)

The restaurant is also famous for its beef noodles (RM14 for small) so we ordered one to share. It was pretty tasty; flat noodles with generous amount of tender beef - though my favorite beef hor fun is still from this dai chow.

The restaurant also does some dai chow dishes such as fish, chicken, prawn and vegetable. Overall, a great meal and service is friendly, so I would definitely return when I'm craving for sang har mee again :)

Opening times: Lunch 12pm - 3pm; Dinner 5pm - 12am. Closed on Wednesdays.

Service: Good.

Price: Total bill rm121, inclusive coconut (RM6.50) and an iced coffee.

Location: Soo Kee's Son (Meng Chuan) Prawn & Beef Noodles, 29B, Medan Imbi, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 012-325 5218

GPS Coordinates: 3.144397, 101.714158

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  1. Wow! Those prawns are huge! What a luxurious meal, though my preference would be the beef :)

  2. I remember it being RM50 only...and now it's RM90 for one prawn! O_o The beef hor fun at RM14 is still a steal since there's always more beef than hor fun...hihi! ;D I wonder how this compares to his father's shop, Soo Kee in Jalan Ampang.

  3. love the first pic of hubby grabbing the sang har! and ya, i'm also old enough to recall when the sang har meen here was only half the price (and that was only a decade ago!). but i do love it here, so it's worth the indulgence :)

  4. That size, you could get it for RM30 only, but with the escalating prices of things, maybe a bit more now. RM50 could get you a monster here!
    Come! Come on over!!! Would love to take you all around to enjoy the best in town!

  5. I tried Soo Kee many years ago and the beef Hor Fun was great!


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