Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Very Happy Bird-Day Celebration!

For his birthday dinner this year, Hubby requested for roast chicken ... and in our home, ask nicely and you shall receive. :)

We bought a LightBox when we were vacationing in Scotland, and it always makes an appearance during special occasions. We were brainstorming with the kids on the way back to school on what to put on it this time, and agreed upon "Happy Bird-Day" (chicken, bird.. get it?)

This 2.1kg chicken was roasted for about 1 1/2 hours. It was absolutely gorgeous- moist with crispy skin. For those interested to make this, you'd be happy to learn that this roast chicken is super simple, requiring only chicken, salt and freshly ground pepper. I added rosemary and lemon in the cavity, but this is optional. You can find the recipe here.

For his bird-day cake, I made a Coconut Butter Cake with Creme Chantilly as it's one of Hubby's favorite cakes. For the decoration, I used 4 x Green Tea Kit Kats and created a heart shape and filled it with fresh blueberries. Then, I added fresh rosemary all around the edges of the cake to make it look like a "bird's nest".

Happy birthday again, Hubby! Hope you enjoyed your bird-day celebration :)

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  1. Happy birthday again to your hubby! Good looks sure run in your family.

  2. happy belated b-day to hubby! looking at your cheerful pics always warms the heart! :)


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