Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dim Sum @ Five Sen5es, The Westin KL

Five Sen5es in The Westin KL serves authentic Cantonese cuisine, and have recently revamped their menus. We visited last week to sample their new pork-free dim sum items and we sure enjoyed it. :)

Diners can opt for either a la carte or All You Can Eat dim sum to enjoy unlimited servings of dim sum. The All You Can Eat Simply Dim Sum is available on weekdays (RM78 nett per person) and on weekends (RM115 nett per person). On weekdays, freshly made dim sum will be delivered to your table, whereas on weekends, there will be an extensive spread of dim sum as well as all-time Cantonese favorites such as pan fried noodles, silky smooth congee and Chinese pastries on display at the buffet counters.

The Simply Dim Sum menu is categorised into Steamed, Baked/Wok Fried, Deep Fried/Fried, Rice Roll/Congee and Dessert. We started off with some siew mai (RM14), our default order during any dim sum brunch. At Five Sen5es,chicken, shrimp and mushroom are mixed together and steamed and then topped with tobiko. The prawns were really bouncy and the tobiko crowning the siew mai adds a nice crunch to it. 

We tried two of the signature steamed dim sum items here - the steamed crystal dumpling with mini abalone (RM18) as well as the poached prawn dumplings in crab roe bisque (RM28). The dumpling was juicy to the bite, and we loved the cute mini abalone topping. So adorable!

The poached prawn dumpling was one of my favorite dim sum items of the afternoon. Firstly, I love the elegant presentation and the dumpling also had a great texture to it. The crab roe bisque was velvety and rich in flavour. There is also a piece of scallop in the bisque. Yum!

We found the xiao long bao aka steamed Shanghainese dumpling (RM16) here to be pretty unique. The delicate dumplings are filled with the herbal "chick kut teh" soup, a chicken version of the ever popular Malaysian bak kut teh.

Har kau (RM18) gets a Western twist, with the addition of black truffle to the prawns. The prawn dumplings are then steamed and a few drops of truffle oil is added before serving to diners, for the wonderful truffle aroma.

We moved on to some deep fried items for some crispy, crunchy textures. Hubby's favorite is the deep fried crispy prawn dumplings in mayo dressing (RM14). I am not usually a fan of yam puffs but the deep fried crispy yam puff (RM18) here was really good - it was light and crispy, and furthermore, it comes with fresh scallop filling. Anything with scallops is a sure winner for me :)

Deep fried crispy yam puff filled with fresh scallop

The Thai-style deep fried Phoenix prawns with mango (RM18) came highly recommended as this is one of chef's signature items. The savoury prawn and cuttlefish mix was complemented nicely by the sweet mango chunks in the centre. It comes with a spicy dipping sauce.

For cheese lovers, try the deep fried beancurd rolls with seafood and cheese (RM14) - guaranteed to please with the oozy, melting cheese in the centre.

You can get the usual rice rolls here, with BBQ chicken, shrimp or fresh scallop filling or you could try this unique deep fried crispy rice rolls (RM16). It is advisable to eat this as soon as it arrives at your table to enjoy the contrasting textures of the smooth rice rolls, crispy Vietnamese spring roll skin and popping sensation of the tobiko. This comes with a sour-spicy sauce for dipping. 

For desserts, we tried the steamed soft cake "ma lai gao" (RM10) which comes in the shape of mini muffins and served with a pandan kaya.

What made the meal memorable for Hubby were these traditional baked mini egg tarts (RM12). The pastry was crumbly and crisp, and you can easily pop them in your mouth, thanks to their perfect bite-size.

We love both the chilled mango pudding (RM11) and chilled mango puree with pomelo and sago, topped with ice cream (RM12). No sharing please - you definitely NEED a whole plate to yourself. So good!

The All You Can Eat Dim Sum is available from 12.00pm to 2.30pm daily (except Monday). For the dim sum menu, please click here.


Location: Five Sen5es, Level 1, The Westin Kuala Lumpur, 199 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03- 2731 8333

GPS Coordinates: 3.14779, 101.714569


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  1. Gosh!!! Been awhile since I last had dim sum. Maybe I should go this weekend when my girl comes home, long weekend. If only they have all you can eat here too. :(

  2. This place is awesome! All the dim sum choices are so good! Everything is my favorite!


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