Thursday, February 18, 2016

Creating Memories with GSC

I must admit I am a Tom Cruise fan and I have many fond memories as a smitten teenager watching movies of him as Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible film series. As a child growing up in Malaysia, my parents would take me to GSC to see family movies from time to time. I'm sure it's the same for the vast majority of Malaysian families.

My own young children are now of an age whereby we can enjoy movies together as a family. Whenever a new animated or family-friendly movie comes out in the cinema, we will head out to watch it - some of the recent ones we've seen are The Good Dinosaur, Cinderella and Inside Out, all of which were excellent movies, enjoyable for every member of our small family.

The stand out movie experience for us as a family would probably be Disney's FROZEN. This movie captured the imagination of families and children across the globe. Our children who had previously shown no interest in singing suddenly knew all the words to the hit song by Idina Menzel. The movie has inspired our children - it is a truly heartwarming moment to see your children memorizing song lyrics and singing their hearts out with excitement and all the drama that "Let it Go" embodies.

Furthermore, I like that the movie conveyed some important life lessons and moral values such as strong familial bond, and sibling love between Anna and Elsa - definitely something I would like to instill and see in my own children.

GSC provides the best all round value and convenience to all their customers, both in terms of ticket prices and also by way of popcorn options at all its outlets across the country.  Great for budget conscious families and movie-goers wanting a value for money movie experience. 

Like this guy here! #ChooseValueatGSC

Here are some of the great deals you can find at GSC:

♥ Affordable blockbuster ticket pricing: As low as RM12.50.
♥ Affordable weekend and public holidays ticket pricing : As low as RM11.50
♥ Wednesday specials, student prices and senior citizen prices – From RM7.50
♥ Children prices – From RM5.00
♥ Credit card Promotions:
· Friday – Citibank Clear Credit Card Buy 1 Free 1 (50% savings) – T&C Apply.
· Weekend & Public Holidays. – Citibank Flat RM10 ticket – T&C Apply.
· Weekend & Public Holidays. – Citibank Prestige Credit Card Buy 1 Free 1 Gold Class Ticket (50% savings) – T&C Apply
· Saturday & Sunday – HSBC Smart Privileges Buy 1 Free 1 (50% savings) – T&C Apply

♥ E-ticket & E-Combo – A hassle-free way to purchase tickets and popcorn online. No more long queues at the cinema!

♥ Concessions Combos (West Malaysia only):

A movie without popcorn is like breakfast toast without kaya :-) Our popcorn rarely lasts beyond the trailers, however its definitely a must have for us as a family during our cinema outings.  The popcorn combinations currently available at GSC cinemas nationwide provide something to suit all cinema goers, as listed below:

A) Combo 1 (1 Small popcorn + 1 Small soft drink)- RM7.10
B) Combo 2 (1 Regular popcorn + 1 Regular soft drink)- RM8.80
C) Combo 3 (1 Large popcorn + 2 Regular soft drink)- RM11.40
D) Combo 4 (1 Regular popcorn + 1 Mineral Water)- RM8.80
E) Combo 5 (1 Large popcorn + 2 Mineral Water)- RM11.40
F) Combo 6 (1 Large popcorn + 1 Regular soft drink + 1 Mineral Water)- RM11.40

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