Saturday, October 10, 2015

Revisited, Cologne, Germany

It had been a while since we last visited in Cologne and it was the perfect opportunity to do so after our initial plan to go to La poele d'Or was called off. are currently having an anniversary promotion for lunch. This means that all set lunches are priced the same at €7.90. This is pretty good value considering the side dishes and the quality on offer.

This time around we were bovine-hungry and went for the beef bulgogi and yukgaejang. The bulgogi was as we remembered, nicely marinated and a generous portion. Yukgaejang was new to us, it was nice and had some spice to it. However, it was probably a bad idea to order this as it was a really hot day. To make matters worse, the lemon tea we had was hot as well. Nothing like a good old sweat on a summer's day! Otherwise, the food was very tasty and we enjoyed it.

Beef Bulgogi (normal price €10.50)

We had a stroll by Rhine river before the meal.


The Kölner Dom

Side dishes and lemon tea (Yuja-cha, €2.50)

The complete works! Side dishes were basic, not the most creative but tasty enough...

Yukgaejang, spicy beef stew with glass noodles and vegetables (normal price €12.50)

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday- 1200 to 1500hrs and 1800 to 2300 hrs; Saturday- 1200 to 2300 hrs; Sundays and Public holidays- 1800 to 2300 hrs

Price: €22 for two persons.

Location:, Hohe Pforte 9, 50676 Cologne, Germany.

Phone: +49 0221-99556860

*This is a guest post by The Unc.

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  1. You had Korean in Germany? Hmmm...I would stick to the local favourites - German sausages, pork trotters... Yummmmm!!!


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