Sunday, October 18, 2015

iPhone 6s Battery Life Issues

So last week I received a new iPhone 6s for my birthday.

I love the camera and how fast it is compared to my old iPhone 4s, but one thing which really irked me was the battery life.

For the first two days, I only got about 5 hours usage time and about 9 hours on standby. Not sure if this is considered normal, but I had higher expectations. One of the reasons why I was desperate to change to a new phone was because my previous phone's battery was draining too quickly for my liking and I had to carry a powerbank with me. The new iPhone 6s battery is draining too fast, in my opinion. (and yes I have turned off unnecessary apps or notifications to lessen the battery drain)

Another issue I had was that my new phone would only charge to 99% and it wouldn't charge any further. After consulting Google and Apple support pages, the solution is to the sleep/wake button and home button simultaneously while the phone is plugged in to the power. After a reboot, you should be able to charge your phone to 100%.

There is also a "Low Power Mode" function under "Battery" which temporary reduces power consumption. I have switched this on and am hoping to see an improvement in my battery life.

Anyway, I shall monitor it for a few more days to see if battery life improves before making further judgment. If any of you are facing similar problems to this, do drop me a comment below so that we discuss and share solutions.

Update (31/10/15) : After rebooting the phone, the battery life has improved immensely. I can get about 9 hours usage time, 21 hours standby now.

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