Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Brunch + Asian Fruit Cakes @ Nutmeg, KL

Last weekend, we were invited by Chef William Chong of Nutmeg to visit their restaurant in Bangsar Village and sample their seasonal Asian fruit cakes. Not only was the food great, we had a wonderful time chatting and sharing food knowledge with Chef William that afternoon.

But first, lunch. At Nutmeg, they pride themselves in making their own bread, salt beef, sausages, curing their own salmon and more at their premises daily.

Hubby ordered the "Nutmeg Big Breakfast" (RM32) which features many of Nutmeg's specialities. You can customise your plate with two eggs any style, lamb or chicken sausage, house-cured salmon or salt beef or beef bacon, hashed potatoes or fried mac & cheese, and toasted brioche or sourdough.

We went for the poached eggs, which was beautifully done, lamb sausage, fried mac and cheese, salt beef, sourdough and it also comes with baked beans, roasted garlic tomatoes and confit mushrooms. A big hearty breakfast!

I had the Nutmeg Gravlax "Croissant-wich" (RM26) which features their signature cold-smoked house-cured salmon on a toasted croissant, and topped with creamy scrambled eggs. The house-cured salmon, seasoned with salt, sugar and mustard and then smoked, tasted great.

For drinks, I had the Nutmeg Soda (RM12.90) which is made using fresh nutmeg sourced from Penang.

Nutmeg proudly displays their cakes at the entrance - they all look so enticing and it took us a while to choose which ones we wanted.  Overall, they have over 100 different cakes types which are on constant rotation, with at least 20 cake types available every weekend.

Chef William tells me that the first Asian fruit cake that he made for Nutmeg was the papaya cake when they newly opened in 2013 in conjunction with Merdeka, as papaya is the "unofficial national fruit of Malaysia".  It has been an aim of Nutmeg to create a cake for every Asian fruit and at present, they have succeeded to create a number of interesting and iconic cakes based on this theme.

Out of the 9 themed Asian fruit cakes, we tried the Velvet Pomegranate (RM16), Watermelon Delight, and Caramelised Banana (RM16). I loved the Velvet Pomegranate which is made up of red velvet cake, pomegranate jam , fresh pomegranate, as well as a light cream cheese-custard frosting. What I liked was that the cake tasted both sweet and tangy, with a great light texture, and the pomegranate gives it an added crunchy texture. Plus the cake looks super pretty!

Handsome boy was happy cos according to him "everything is so yummy"

Hubby's pick goes to the Caramelised Banana - something simple done beautifully. With banana fudge cake, caramel and banana macadamia cream cheese custard, it was a sure winner as the cake was moist and lovely. All cakes are served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I was most intrigued by the Watermelon Delight, a cake inspired by Sydney's Black Star Pastry strawberry watermelon cake. Chef William presents a refined version here at Nutmeg, featuring compression and dehyration techniques to make the watermelon mousse, leather and watermelon jewels. Every mouthful was filled with pure watermelon bliss. And you get a surprise if you suck through the chocolate layer as Chef William has added in pop rocks.

Here are the other Asian fruit cakes available at Nutmeg:

Coconut Moonlight - coconut sponge cake, coconut mousse, toasted macadamia, flaked coconut

Pulut Hitam - Coconut sponge cake, black glutinous rice, gula melaka jelly, wajik pulut hitam, nata de coco

Durian chendol - pulut, durian, house-made chendol, coconut cream, agar, gula melaka

Flourless Ciku - Ciku, Brown Rice, Sorghum, Hazelnuts, Marshmallow frosting

Pink Guava - pink guava sponge, pink guava jam, pink guava and grapefruit mousse

Papaya Paradise - Papaya, coconut, peanuts

Mummy and son day out :)

You can read my previous review of Nutmeg here.

Opening times: 9.30am to 10.00pm daily.

Location:Nutmeg, UGF-28A Bangsar Village II, 2 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03 2201 3663

Website: https://www.facebook.com/nutmegkl/

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  1. Wow...portion very big. Just nice if it is to share.

    Handsome boy you have there

  2. I absolutely love desserts made with Asian ingredients! We had some really great ones in Thailand recently. I'd go crazy here! :P

  3. Oooo...the Big Breakfast looks like to die for...and no, no sharing! I'd want that all to myself. Hehehehehe!!!!!


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