Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Food Photography: Fauchon Paris Macarons

Thanks to Hubby for getting us these gorgeous Fauchon Paris macarons. Fauchon macarons are available from Hamad International Airport in Qatar and all these other locations.

They travelled very well, with most macarons still intact upon reaching its destination in KL (minimal breakages). A box of 16 macarons costs QAR 200 (approximately RM200) - certainly not cheap but what delicious treats they were!

Great texture (crisp and light), great fillings - our favorites being the lemon/citron and caramel. Definitely one of the best ones we've eaten!

Price for box of 16 macarons: QAR 200

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  1. they looked nice but too bad i'm not a fan... haha...

  2. love the juxtaposition of the colourful macarons placed in the classic tableware ... great pics! :)

  3. What a lovely gift from your husband Yen! How thoughtful and it's great that they travelled well too :)

  4. Wow, Yen!

    These macarons are very professional made and so they came with a professional price :p They look divine!


  5. Very nice. My experience with travelling macarons is that they end up in a fine powder -great to see they made it one piece!


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