Thursday, December 18, 2014

MARIGOLD UHT Milk: A healthy kid is an active kid

As a full time mum, my days are filled with lots of activities involving my kids. Both Hubby and I encourage our kids to have an active lifestyle as we believe that they will benefit greatly from it.

From the age of 1 plus, both my kids would go for daily evening walks with us. Not only can they keep fit and healthy, we can also bond together as a family. However, nowadays the kids have less time since they have school and homework to do once they get home, but we still find time to play in our garden/decking (something simple like playing ball or catch or jumping around). On weekends, we would take them to the nearby park to play in the playground as well as for jogging/walks.

After a morning of fun in the garden - our kids bonding with each other :)

My daughter and I also started going for parent-child yoga classes this year. We always have so much fun together at our yoga classes and have a good laugh with one another. You can encourage your children to lead an active lifestyle by joining in the fun, being supportive and they will be glad to have your companionship.

An active child will be able to grow and develop well and improve cardiovascular fitness. When we do yoga, it helps in improving our balance and posture - when we first started yoga lessons, our yoga instructor had to remind us to sit tall but now it comes naturally.

Since our kids love to eat (just like their mummy!), being active also helps them maintain a healthy weight. And when they're active, they are usually healthy, strong and have an alert mind. This will also help them academically, to be more motivated and build their self-esteem.

Improved balance

An active lifestyle = an alert mind, so my kids can do well academically too.

Kids need to have a balanced diet in order to get the right nutrients to grow up strong and healthy. For dinner, we will usually have rice/porridge, meat, and vegetables, followed by fruits for dessert. Calcium and protein is important for active children as it helps them grow well, have strong bones and they can get this through dairy products and drinking milk such as MARIGOLD UHT Milk.

Milk is important in building strong bones, which is crucial in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. When kids have strong healthy bones to support their body, then they can do all the physical activities that they want and need to. We love MARIGOLD UHT Milk, as it is enriched with calcium, protein, as well as MARIGOLD UHT Milk's unique BonePlus formulation of Vitamin D which aids in better calcium absorption and bone growth. MARIGOLD UHT Milk - Very Healthy, Very Good.

A child with strong, healthy bones will have a strong foundation to enjoy an active lifestyle

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  1. They are so adorably cute in these photos! :D

  2. your kids are so cute! anyway parents yoga with children is so cool! =D

  3. baby d and baby c both have really beautiful smiles!!! :)


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