Monday, June 18, 2012

Cocktails: How to make Bacardi Mojito

What is your favourite cocktail?

Call me boring or old-fashioned, but my favourite cocktail is definitely Mojito.  Mojito is a traditional Cuban highball drink, served everywhere in Havana and now popular all over the world. 

We recently purchased a bottle of Bacardi Mojito Classic from the duty free and put it to the test. It is a blend of Bacardi superior rum, natural mint and lime flavours and sugar. One would think that you could drink it straight from the bottle (I thought we just had to add ice), but it's not much different than making a Mojito from scratch i.e. you still need to get lime, mint leaves and soda water.

At the back of the bottle, there are instructions on how to put together the drink. It's really simple (and that's what we like!).

I am also a huge fan of Virgin Mojitos - a refreshing drink for a hot day minus the alcohol.

Fresh green mint is really important, both for flavour and looks. You want to use springy bunches with thin red stalks and a bright, pale green colour. We pluck ours from our herb garden :) Handy!

Bacardi Mojito
Serves 1

10 mint leaves
1/2 fresh lime, cut into 4 wedges
125ml Bacardi Mojito Cocktail (or you can use 50ml Havana Club rum or Bacardi rum)
1/2 can of soda water (I always substitute mine with 7-up as I like mine sweeter)
4 tsp caster sugar (not needed if using 7-Up or Bacardi Mojito)
Ice cubes or crushed ice
Sprigs of mint, to garnish

1. Place lime wedges and mint leaves into a tall glass. Muddle together to extract the juice and flavour.

2. Half fill the glass with ice cubes, stir, add the rum, stir again and then top with ice. Pour soda water into glass. (I only use about 40-50ml of Bacardi Mojito for my own drink though Hubby likes his strong and as recommended)

3. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

*If you are making a virgin mojito, just follow the above steps minus the alcohol. 


Full set of photos can be viewed here.  Get the recipe for Virgin Mojito here.


  1. I love mojitos too, minus the alcohol. :)

    1. Hehe that's my preferred choice most of the time. Enjoy it without the guilt.

  2. the mojito is also one of my favorites. i try to tell myself it's healthier than most cocktails, since there are all those leaves in it :D

    1. Hhahaha Sean, you really made me laugh with your comment. That's a very positive way of looking at it "a healthier drink cos of the leaves" . :)

  3. Mojito is my favorites too :)

  4. easy steps, feel like making myself a mojito^^

    1. Hehe definitely easy. In fact most cocktails are quite easy as long as you know the ingredients.

  5. It does looks like I can drink it out of the bottle =)

    1. I don't really like it that strong, hence I like to dilute mine a little with Sprite and 7-Up. Strange, right?

  6. Like your hubby, I love my mojito strong! ;)

  7. Bet that is nice...but I've given up on drinking. Gout! :(


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