Thursday, May 3, 2012

Uhrenholt Young Chefs Fundraising Dinner @ Berjaya University College of Hospitality, KL

On 25 April 2012, we attended the Uhrenholt Young Chefs Fundraising Dinner at Berjaya University College of Hospitality (UCH). Seven executive chefs from 5-star hotels around KL collaborated with 43 students from different hospitality universities and colleges namely Berjaya UCH, Legend International College, INTI, Malaysia Institute of Baking, KL Metropolitan University and Cilantro Culinary Academy. 

The seven chefs are Chef Antoine of Le Meridien, Chef Rajesh of Sheraton Imperial, Chef Martin of Ritz- Carlton, Chef Rudolf of Shangri-La, Chef Andrea of Renaissance hotel, Chef Sabri of Royal Chulan Hotel and Chef Nikolaj, corporate chef of Uhrenholt Food service.

6-7 students work under each executive chef to create canapes and a 5-course menu based on seafood and cheese, Asian style. The event focusses on mentorship and teamwork, whereby students are allowed to work under 5-star chefs and encouraged to help each other to perform for this dinner. The fund raised from the dinner are donated to the Youth Chef Club of Malaysia. 

The students did very well, considering that they had to cook for over 180 guests that evening with minimal training time with the executive chefs. 

The canapes created and executed by Chef Rajesh and Chef Martin with their team were delicious.    Carlsberg, which is one of the sponsors for the evening, provided free flow beer for all. 

Steamed chicken and prawn siew mai with tangy peanut sauce - a hot favorite with guests!

Soyu-marinated watermelon with wasabi, cream cheese and spiced salmon tartare  

Slow poached beef tenderloin, with tuna sauce, capers and micro grated Grana cheese

I had a peek in the main kitchen, here's Chef Sabri and his team plating up the starters. 

List of sponsors and participating hotels/institutions

Table setting

After the cocktail reception, we proceeded to Manhattan V ballroom where speeches were given by Lars Kruse Thomsen, country manager for Uhrenholt Malaysia & Singapore, Sune Uhrenholt, CEO of Uhrenholt, Helle Sejersen Myrthue, Charge d' Affaires of Embassy of Denmark in Malaysia and Mae Ho, COO of Berjaya UCH. Here are pictures of the 5-course dinner served to us, all visually appealing. 

1st course by Chef Sabri
Steamed prawn roll with otak-otak filling and chilled custard flower with crab meat and galangal fish floss. 

2nd course by Chef Antoine
Asian broth with Pacific halibut, Vannamei shrimps, shredded young coconut and diced vegetables

The broth was served tableside. The halibut and shrimp are served raw, and is gently cooked by the hot broth. 

3rd course by Chef Andrea
Cinnamon-sauteed bee hoon on fondue, buah keras and prawns terrine with dry longan reduction

4th course by Chef Rudolf
Asian-style slow braised Angus beef cheek with blue cheese macadamia crust, kumara mash and eringgi mushrooms with a five-spice flavoured beef jus reduction

Tender beef cheeks

Cheese on edible spoon

Dessert by Chef Nikolaj
Sweet cream cheese tofu in gula melaka consomme with sea coconut, sesame two ways and passion fruit

Students and chefs take a photo together... well done to all!

Chef Antoine and moi

*Thanks to Chef Nikolaj of Uhrenholt for the kind invite to this fundraising event. 

Full set of photos available to view here.


  1. What a nice event with a good cause behind it. All the food looks delicious. Nice group photo of chefs and students. I love the photo of you and the chef. Yen, you forgot to put on your chef's hat. hehe

    1. I was happy to show my support at this event. The students have put in a lot of effort to cook a nice meal for the guests. Hopefully they will graduate to be great chefs.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Hope yr son and hubby is feeling better.

  3. I'll be seeing more of that necklace now. :D

    Nice dress

    1. You have very sharp eyes! (noticing small details) ;)

  4. the meal is so creative as the combination is just amazing! what a fab event and salute to the future generations of young chefs... :)

    1. I think they did well, since they had to combine both seafood and cheese in their dishes.

  5. Nice, I love that concept - each course prepared by a different chef.

    1. It gives the students a chance to work closely under each chef, and we also get to try different styles of food.

  6. Lots of interesting food.. the cheese on edible spoon is cute! So which chef's creation did you like the most? :)

    1. Hard to pick, mostly good.. top 3 would be the canapes, soup and beef cheek. Dessert was something different/unique also.

  7. wah, looks like all the chefs really put on their thinking hats, and all of them came up with really tempting creations. if i saw any of that on a menu, i'd try to order everything! :D

    1. Yes, they did well. I like how they all look so pretty on the plate. A good learning curve for the students.

  8. The cheese on edible spoon looks nice, so creative of them. Bet you had a great time trying out different food! =)

  9. My daughter would probably be studying here...if she did not get the scholarship to study and become a teacher. :(


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