Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meet the Pros: Favola Sous Chef, Sazli Nazim - Le Meridien KL

One of my favourite things to eat in Favola, Le Meridien KL are scallops. Huge, bouncy and fresh scallops.... give them to me any day and I will be a happy girl. 

Pan fried sea scallops on leeks, lemon zest, chilli and basil risotto

Meet the chef who created the risotto and scallop dish (photo above) as well as the seared jumbo scallop starters and many more delectable dishes in Favola. Presenting Favola's sous chef, Sazli Nazim. 

Sazli received the award for "HAPA Masterchef -Western Cuisine, Platinum Award" in the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA) 2011-2013.

“My cuisine is unpretentious and honest, yet luxurious and constructed with passion and flair” - Sazli Nazim

Sazli has worked in numerous prestigious establishments such as JW Marriott KL, Sheraton Imperial KL and Grand Park Royal Hotel before joining Le Meridien KL in 2004. He received culinary training at the MARA Institute of Technology's culinary school in Shah Alam.

This local culinary talent has real flair, great imagination and bucketsful of enthusiasm. His superb skills and creativity won him the ‘Most Outstanding Chef – Prime Minister Golden Hand” award at the Culinaire Malaysia 2007. Sazli has also participated in many other culinary competitions and won silver medals such as the Food Hotels Asia, Singapore in 1998 and Hong Kong HOFEX in 2001. As a member of the Malaysian National Culinary Team, Sazli has represented Malaysia numerous times at the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg, where he won silver medal in 2002 and 2006.

Sazli's favourite tools in the kitchen are the pots and pans. "Without pots and pans, we cannot cook."

The menu at Favola is updated every 3 months to reflect seasonal ingredients. When asked if he has a favorite ingredient, he replies "I don't have a favorite ingredient, usually I will try and find one which the guests like and create a dish to suit them." He also explains that his philosophy of cooking is to "source the best ingredients, and prepare them with minimal seasoning and bring out the natural flavours." His favorite food when eating out is Asian food and he counts "Ampang yong tau foo" as one of them as it is "simple, full of taste and fresh."

In Favola, the team is made up of over 10 kitchen staff. "We have a great team in Favola, one can't run the show alone." When asked what is his aspiration, he says, "I hope to be as good as Executive Chef Antoine Rodriguez and be in his position one day."

Sazli's mentor is Chef Zubir, and he explains, "Chef Zubir has been mentoring me for a while now. I have followed him around the hotels for a few years, he is always teaching me and passing on a lot of knowledge to me. He is a great chef and teacher."

To read another interview with Pastry Chef Loh Mee Foong of Le Meridien KL, please click here. 


  1. Pan fried sea scallops on leeks, lemon zest, chilli and basil risotto - oh yummmm!

    1. We love all the different scallop dishes we can get at Favola ;)

  2. ooo, i hadn't known about chef sazli nazim before this. thanks for the introduction, he looks like an affable chap :D

    1. Nice guy, a little shy. But clearly he loves cooking.

  3. its so hard to resist fluffy plump scallops. scallops...come to momma!

  4. scallops!!! die die must try!!!

    1. If you ever visit Favola, yes you must try their scallops. Super yums.

  5. he's a cool guy! and a nice write up too, my dear;)


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