Friday, January 6, 2012

Set Lunch @ Fukuharu Japanese Restaurant, Terrace at Hock Choon, Kuala Lumpur

Pretty?... YES. 
Delicious?.... YES.
Affordable... YES!

Mini Kaiseki from the lunch special, Fukuharu Zen

Both our children enjoy eating Japanese food, especially chawanmushi and udon. Give them a cup of steaming hot chawanmushi each and they'll be happy all afternoon. A couple of weeks ago, we brought them to Doubletree by Hilton KL to stay the night and play in the pool, but just before we checked-in at the hotel, we brought them Fukuharu for some Japanese food.

Fukuharu serves authentic and unpretentious Japanese food in a serene setting with a view of the garden. The service is really good too, and it's a great place to dine with your family.

There are several options available for lunch, all nicely written on a blackboard. It was a no-brainer for me though, since I just read Michelle's blog the night before and saw how nice the Fukuharu Zen set looked!

For RM38, you will get a salad, chawanmushi, mini kaiseki appetizer platter, an option of noodles or rice, a choice of main course, and a dessert. What a steal, right? I have to add that the food quality is excellent too. Really good value for money.

For the mains, the options are chicken teriyaki, saba shioyaki (grilled mackarel), mixed tempura, unagi tempura and beef teppanyaki (Australian beef rib eye).

Salad -- the dressing was very appetizing!

We gave the chawanmushi to the kids. They happily ate one each. 

The mini kaiseki appetizer platter changes daily depending on the ingredients they have. The mini kaiseki was beautifully presented, was really impressed with the taste and quality too. On that day, we enjoyed salmon sashimi, tuna tartar (in the shot glass), deep fried battered prawn (huge and juicy!), tuna maki, clams (I like!), smoked duck (yum yum!), scallop skirt and deep fried scallop.  I took time to admire the dish and enjoyed (very much) eating all the different components.

Hubby chose the unagi tempura for his mains, thick chunks covered in a light, non-oily batter. I feel that my mains is better, the beef teppanyaki.. the beef has been cooked to medium, very tender and definitely good quality considering this is from a set lunch.

Unagi tempura

My set

Beef teppanyaki topped with crunchy garlic

I would recommend that you choose noodles instead of rice (unless you don't eat noodles) as you will only be given white rice (no topping whatsoever). And the noodles is simple but good. Baby D ate half of this. The broth was light and the soba was served with fern tops, and black fungus (mok yee).

Fresh salmon sashimi

Clams - super yummy!

Tuna tartare

For dessert, we were served vanilla ice-cream with black sesame sauce. Even though we only ordered 2 sets, the manager kindly brought another ice-cream for Baby C -- she was absolutely delighted! It's small touches like this that make our meal truly memorable. (Happy child = happy parents)

Nice view

Baby C's already asking when we'll be coming back again to Fukuharu. Soon, my dear.

Verdict: Set lunch here is great value for money. Good quality ingredients, well-prepared with good service.

Full set of photos available to view here. 

Price: RM38 per set. RM2 for green tea.

Location: Fukuharu, Terrace at Hock Choon, 241-B, Lorong Nibong, off Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. (behind Victoria Station and Hock Choon Supermarket)

Tel: 017-209 8477

GPS Coordinates: 3.159981, 101.728742


  1. Ooh they changed the way they prepare the soba! Nice!!

  2. Michelle: Oh I never really noticed the soba looked different. I went one day after you did. Maybe it changes on a daily basis.

  3. Good price for what you have eaten. I wonder if its applicable during the weekends?

  4. missyblurkit: Yes, it's open on weekends and I have been told the set lunch is available then :)

  5. Another good place for a satisfying Japanese lunch...nice review! :D

  6. Well worth the money! Time for me to pay them a visit. Even better that set lunches are available on weekends. Hehe...

  7. oooo, does baby c enjoy raw fish as well, besides chawanmushi & udon? gosh, my first encounter with sashimi/sushi was only in the mid-90s, when i was already in university :D

  8. ulric: Thanks :) Have u actually tried this place before?

  9. Bangsar Babe: Yalo most places only do set lunches on weekdays. This will suit those who have to work and cant make it there on weekday.

  10. Sean: I'm not sure if she likes sashimi, but we once went to Fukuya and she ate loads of salmon sashimi, calling it "oranges" (cos of the color I think) and telling me later that it's very nice. But usually she sticks to her chawanmushi and udon and ice-cream. :P

  11. Not yet...duh...

    Fukuharu has always been in me book...just couldn't find d time n company to visit :(

    Will do soon thanx to ur review :D

  12. ulric: Lol. Ok, they're open on weekends for lunch also... and they have a pretty good a la carte selection.

  13. Hookay...thanx for d heads up :D


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