Monday, January 23, 2012

Reunion Dinner Feast - Chinese New Year 2012

Reunion dinner is one of the most important event of the Chinese New Year celebration. Family members from all over the country would gather on the eve of CNY for a meal together, believed to strengthen family bonds (great for catching up with relatives that we see once a year!).

My children are very lucky to be able to spend this special day at their paternal great grandparents home for the past few years. I'm grateful that one of my aunts and my grandma work very hard to put out delicious homecooked food for us every year. 

Something we all enjoy before the reunion dinner feast... CNY cookies! My favorite are of cos the pineapple tarts and also these pretty butter cookies. Kids love them too!
Butter cookies

Pineapple tarts

Our reunion dinner feast, thanks to the two ladies who slaved in the kitchen all morning/afternoon! 

Since my grandma is Hokkien, we will always the delicious braised pig's trotters / knucles with seacucumber, fish maw with mushroom and chicken feet, longevity noodles (sau meen) and also pig's stomach soup!

Braised pig's trotters / knucles with seacucumber served in a claypot

Siew yoke

Fish maw with mushrooms and chicken feet

Prawns for happiness. ha ha ha

Leeks so that we have lots to "count" in 2012

Fried chicken.. cos the kids love it.. :P

Kailan.. green vegetables symbolise new beginnings

Longevity noodles... 

Baby C and her noodles!

Baby D loves his noodles.. and everything else!

Pig's stomach soup... oh yum!

Mini mandarin oranges

What did you have for your reunion dinner?

*All photos taken with iPhone4S.


  1. Just by looking at your photo, I'm already hungry!! Happy Chinese New Year!!

    1. haha.. the Fish maw with mushrooms is exactly what i eat but sad i no picture for it..
      Happy Chinese New Year too~

      Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

    2. Thanks! Lucky to have reunion dinner cooked for us. Happy Chinese New Year to you both! :)

  2. I had japanese food for reunion dinner. quite unorthodox but then again, i'm temporarily pretty sick of chinese food already!!!

    1. You don't go for reunion dinner with the rest of the family?

  3. yummyyyy, they look sooooo good! And i think i had almost the same thing for reunion dinner.

  4. my family used to cook, back in my hometown, but everyone's too old or too lazy now, heheh. and i don't know how to cook, so that's my excuse! :D mmmm, i'd like some homemade pig stomach soup though =)

  5. That siu yoke looks uber crispy! I also want.... *big wet puppy eyes*

  6. Such a sumptuous CNY reunion dinner! Wowweee and yums yums! :)

    Happy Chor Yat to you and your loved ones, dear! :)

  7. I like braised pork meat wit sea cucumber :D

    Happy CNY!

  8. Dear Baby Sumo,

    This looks like a beautiful feast! The chinese roast pork looks delicious although I've never tried the popular pigs' stomach soup before! Kung Hei Fatt Choy and wishing you success and more good eating for 2012!

  9. I love siu yuk .. yummy ..
    The braise sea cucumber n pork looks marvelous...
    Happy CNY .. n may you have the prosperous Dragon year ahead...

  10. Wishing you and your family a roaring success, great health, peace, harmony and a compassionate spirit as we welcome the year of the dragon! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  11. Gong xi gong xi! Have a happy and prosperous Dragon Year!


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