Saturday, December 31, 2011

Elisenlebkuchen and Christmas Tea from Nuremberg, Germany

**Have a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration! **

Last year, The Unc brought home a couple of elisenlebkuchens for Baby C. We shared them and enjoyed them very much. So during the Christmas market at Nuremberg this year, he got us two whole packs along with a pack of Christmas tea and asked a friend who was coming back to KL to deliver it to our home. So nice! Thanks very much :)

Elisenlebkuchen specially air-flown from Nuremberg

Elisenlebkuchen is premium quality lebkuchen (a soft German version of Gingerbread). It is designated the Protected Designation of Origin by EU law and must be produced within the boundaries of the Nuremberg, Germany but you can get it in various other states in Germany. 

Although elisenlebkuchen is sold in Christmas markets, The Unc tells me that you can also find it all year round in several specialty shops in Nuremberg. The one he got us was from Wolfgang Woitinek. Each pack contains 3 original elisenlebkuchen and 3 chocolate coated elisenlebkuchen.

They both contain hazelnut, almonds, egg whites, marzipan, citronat, orangeat, fructose, honey, apricot confiture, and spices, and the chocolate coating is dark chocolate. I prefer the original one, though both are really nice. Gingerbread is quite hard, but elisenlebkuchen is wonderfully chewy. The taste and aroma is very Christmassy too, owing to the lovely spices and marzipan. We enjoyed this for the past few evenings with a cup of Christmas tea... just perfect.

Christmas tea - black tea, orange peel, grated coconut, clove, cinnamon

I loved the smell of the Christmas tea as soon as I opened the pack. Wafts of cinnamon and orange peel gives this tea a uniquely Christmas feel. Drunk with the sweet elisenlebkuchen, it is a great accompaniment, however if you're eating a non-sweet item or drinking it on its own, it may taste better with some sugar.

I think if elisenlebkuchen was ever sold in KL, most people would like them. :)

Full set of photos here.

Elisenlebkuchen is from: Wolgang Woitinek, Saarbruckener Str. 4, 90469 Nuremberg, Germany. (Tel:0911/482121)
Price: €8 per pack.

Christmas tea is from: Krauterhaus Wurzelsepp OHG, Hauptmarkt 1, 90403 Nuremberg, Germany (
Price: €3.95 for 100g pack.


  1. they look awesome. reckon i will also prefer the original ones (i'm assuming its not as sweet as the chocolate ones).

    happy new year to you and your family!

  2. wow!! terrific treat! btw, where are there crumbs in ur tea leaves? to make it sweeter ar? hehe :P lovely shots.. u still owe us a dinner at ur place! hohoho :P

  3. missyblurkit: Actually they're both equally sweet, the chocolate coating is dark choco so it doesn't really add on to the sweetness.

    Happy New Year to you.

  4. Ciki: What crumbs? Orange peel la hahahahaha! Will find time to cook for you. LOL. Happy New Year!

  5. That's the right combination of tea and water that you have used. The Unc should really learn from you. He made some longkang-coloured tea the other time!

  6. Roy: Lol! Your comment really made me laughed out loud. Anyway thanks again for delivering the package to us. :)

  7. Elisenlebkuchen ... i don't think i've ever seen or tasted it before, but what a tongue-twister of a name. can you say it five times fast? (i can barely even say it once, heh)

  8. Sean: We both know a person who may be able to do it.. Kenny. Since he can speak German. :P

  9. Oh WOW that looks seriously good... Hahahah I'm salivating. you sure are lucky.

    p/s: love the pictures!

  10. I think i would be the only one enjoying it as no one in my family digs into cinnamon related desserts...

    p.s. lovin' the reindeer assemble!

  11. Baby Sumo: Haha, my pleasure! ;)

    Sean: German lesson for you! It's E-li-sen-leb-ku-chen (A-ly-son-lab-qu-han) or try,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=611&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wT#auto|en|elisenlebkuchen

  12. Punk Chopsticks: Thanks for dropping by :) Hehe they sure were yummy.. so yummy that they're none left anymore. :P

  13. Michelle: The cinnamon taste is not too overpowering, but I guess if even a hint of it would be detectable by your mum right.


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