Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chinese food @ Restoran Sun Sun Brother, Kampung Chui Chak, Langkap, Perak

The best freshwater prawns I've ever eaten... 8 large freshwater prawns plus four other dishes came up to RM119 -- is your interest piqued yet?

We recently visited a friend (Uncle Chan) we met on our travels --- he lives in Kampung Chui Chak in Langkap, Perak, a quaint little village about 40 minutes from Ipoh and a two hours drive from KL. You will find beautiful scenery (think paddy fields and blue skies) and good food at a very affordable price. 

On our first visit, Uncle Chan took us to Restoran Sun Sun Brother. It's a typical "dai chow" restaurant with no air-conditioning, but the food is very good. Service is efficient too. 

We started off the "Dong Po Pork", an irresistible pork dish which has been braised for several hours in a savoury sauce until the layers of fat literally melted in the mouth. 

The melt-in-the-mouth Dong po pork 

This was followed by the stir fried bittergourd with sliced deer meat in a black pepper sauce. Simple but perfectly executed -- absolutely delicious.

We thought this was the regular green beans or French beans that we've been eating, but we were told that this is slightly different. Texture wise, it is smooth (like young shoots with very little fibre) with a lovely crunch -- definitely much nicer than the regular ones. The shape is slightly rounder than the regular green beans.

Green beans with minced pork

Another great dish here is the fish head curry, using sek pan fish (garoupa). The curry was not too spicy and wonderfully creamy... when enquired, we were told that they do not use santan to make this curry but instead they use fresh milk :)

And our favourite dish for the evening was the freshwater prawn (sang har) steamed with egg and Chinese wine. Words just can't describe how FANTASTIC this dish is.. the flesh was incredibly fresh, sweet, taut, and juicy. And just look at the roe... a beautiful orange. Do not miss this if you ever visit this restaurant!

Torture looking at the beautiful roe.... I wanna eat this right now!

Are you drooling yet?

I did not get the exact address for this restaurant, but it is located opposite a basketball court in Kampung Chui Chak. The village is quite small, just ask the locals and they will direct you to this restaurant. 

Some lovely scenery photos from Kampung Chui Chak

Paddy fields

Ladies fingers farm

Blue skies

Price: Very reasonable. I have no idea how much the individual dishes cost, but the total bill came up to RM119.

Location: Restoran Sun Sun Brother, Kampung Chui Chak, Langkap, 36700 Perak. 

GPS Coordinates: 4.043471, 101.172152


  1. Gosh!!! That is super cheap. Anything else there? Do you know whether the shop open in the eveing or not or whether it close for business on certain days? Really keen to go

  2. Nice view, good food. A good weekwnd getaway :) the fresh water prawn is gigantic!

  3. Small Kucing: Forgot to check when they close and opening times. Next time I go again, will confirm and let u know k.

  4. Zoe: Yes, a lovely place. Definitely worth a visit. The freshwater prawn was at least 6 inches long.

  5. wow, great-looking prawns! the prices do seem really reasonable, considering a plate of sang har meen at kl's imbi area might cost RM40, with only one prawn! :D

  6. Everything looks nice! Wonder which part of perak is this.. Should ask my mom. :)

    1. Here's the link to the kampung @ http://maps.google.com.my/maps?q=Kampung+Chui+Chak+langkap+perak&hl=en&ll=4.043669,101.172903&spn=0.004575,0.006073&sll=4.089103,101.150651&sspn=0.036599,0.04858&hnear=Kampung+Chui+Chak,+Langkap,+Perak&t=h&z=18

  7. OMG.. look at that prawn roe! Unbelievable! Cholesterol watch out! :P

  8. Never see roes oozing out from a prawn like that!!

  9. that meal certainly had me drooling...... ;0)

  10. share the love subaru

    Thanks for this post. I definitely agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my mother so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!


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