Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tianje Mooncakes by Tatawa

My mum is a mooncake lover, just like me. She bought a box of Tianje Mooncakes from the MidValley Mooncake Fair for us to share. I must admit, I did not notice this brand when I was at the fair and I am glad that she spotted it since they were pretty good.

Each box consists of 4 pre-selected mooncakes (no changes allowed); flavours include White Lotus Single Yolk, Collagen Cranberry, Ginkgo Black Sesame and Rose Red Bean. All Tianje mooncakes are certified Halal, so anyone and everyone can partake and enjoy this too.

The packaging is a simple, metal container with images of young children playing the lantern.

Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner

Get your lanterns out

We started off with one of the traditional flavours, White Lotus with Single Yolk (RM14.75). This year, we noticed mooncake manufacturers are taking the incentive to make low sugar mooncakes to suit health-conscious consumers. All mooncakes we tried from Tianje were not too sweet. The white lotus filling was very smooth and best of all, the salted egg yolk was very moist.

One of the best white lotus single yolk mooncake we've had this year

The Collagen Cranberry (RM15.25) mooncake caught my attention straight away when I opened the box. Made in the shape of a flower with purple petals, it was both pretty and creative. It even looks pretty on the inside, with three different types of filling. I think there was lotus paste plus the white jelly (presumably the collagen) which tasted like nata de coco. Even the skin tastes different, it's much more crumbly and resembles the Taiwanese pineapple tarts we had recently.

Love our new plate we purchased from Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL. Looks like a flower sprouted out of the plate, doesn't it?

Pretty and colorful on the inside

My favorite one

The Gingko Black Sesame (RM15.25) mooncake was another interesting flavour. The filling had a slight nutty texture, since the gingko was not blended to a paste.

Nuts about you

A more traditional flavour, Rose Red Bean (RM13.35) also had a very smooth filling. Usually, I avoid red bean mooncakes as I do not like the taste but this was pretty pleasant.

Prices indicated next to each mooncake is the price per piece. Box of 4 pre-selected mooncakes are currently sold at a promotional price of RM49.90 (original price RM58.60) plus the first 5000 customers will receive a box of coffee roll worth RM20.80 FREE.

The coffee roll (Langue De Chat) was a nice combination of caramel and coffee flavours. Lovely snack with coffee/tea.

Who's smokin' hot?

You can purchase Tianje Mooncakes from these outlets. Tianje mooncakes are produced by Tatawa Industries (M) Sdn Bhd, that also specialises in CNY cookies/biscuits.

Price: RM49.90 for box of 4 baked mooncakes.

Location: Centre Court, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.


  1. One of the best white lotus single yolk mooncake you've had this year? That's certainly caught my attention. I'm always on the lookout for good yet simple mooncakes. Gotta try this! :D

  2. Kenny: Well, many mooncakes we've eaten this year had less than desirable salted egg yolks... really dry. But this one was nice and moist. Hope you guys like it. :)

    Another one you can try is Shang Palace's baked mooncakes. Very good too.

  3. Wow, I've never heard of Tianje or Tatawa before, but the collagen cranberry is one of the most eye-catchingly prettiest mooncakes I've ever seen! And only one more week until the festival ends, right? I still haven't even had a bite of mooncake yet this year, but luckily, a friend just bought one for me (I think it's a regular one though, not a hotel or speciality mooncake, but I'm still relieved, heheh) :D

  4. the collagen mooncake caught my eye. collagen??? that's an interesting ingredient to use on a mooncake. :)

  5. wow, u had so many mooncake this round. what is the next one coming up??? by the way, collagen mooncake is quite interesting!

  6. Wow, mooncakes nowadays are really creative and beautiful! The Collagen Cranberry is really pretty! Would love to try them out!

  7. Sean: This was an experiment for us too, and it turned out really well. It is one of the most affordable and easily accessible mooncakes.

  8. Michelle: Yeah, it's very a very interesting flavour. Did some research and collagen is in fact gelatin.

  9. Ai Wei: I think I only have 2 more mooncake reviews to post up. Still looking around for good mooncakes to eat though :) Have you had any yet this yr?

  10. Eat Only Lar: Yea, the collagen cranberry is one of the prettiest we have seen this yr. Really interesting flavours as well.

  11. Yesterday my mom bought a box of it. I like the "Gingko Black Sesame". The taste of black sesame is very nice ;-)


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