Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lavender Bakery's Snow Skin Mooncakes 2011

Last year, Lavender Bakery's mooncake proved to be a big hit with our family members. We couldn't help but to get some this year too. Flavours remain the same as previous year, and after testing a few at their booth in the Midvalley Mooncake Fair, we ended up picking the same flavours as we did last year. To read our review from 2010, click here.

The quality of the snow skin mooncakes here is still very good. While many manufacturers/hotel tend to make mini snow skin mooncakes, Lavender ones are of the standard size hence you wont have to fight for an extra piece (or two) with your fellow diners.

Green Tea Snow Skin Mooncake with Lotus Paste

Smooth, with prevalent green tea taste

Studded with red bean

My favorite was the Banana Flavoured Snow Skin Mooncake with White Lotus Paste, since it was very fragrant and smooth. I think the green tea and black sesame ones are acquired tastes, but this flavour is very likeable, even my kids love this.

Melon seeds for extra crunch

The Sesame White Bean Paste Snow Skin Mooncake had a strong nutty flavour.

Colorful metal tin packaging

You can either get the mooncakes from their store in LG Floor of Mid Valley Megamall or from the MidValley Mooncake Fair.


Price: RM14 each.

Location: Lavender Bakery, LG-043A, LG Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.


  1. I like their mooncake because its not too sweet and the paste is smooth as well =)

  2. wow these look beautiful! i'm so sad im no in malaysia to taste these wonderful varieties you've been talking about! the ones here are mooncake a la boring!!

  3. wow, this is a coincidence! remember i mentioned a few days ago that someone had bought a mooncake for me? it was lavender's banana white lotus one! it was nice, yeah. smooth and softer than i had expected :D

  4. u really try out a lot of mooncakes!

  5. Melissa: Which is yr fav flavour?

  6. idontcryieat: Awww. I guess we're lucky to have so many to choose from in Malaysia.

  7. Sean: Lol, what a coincidence. So you gonna stop at 1 mooncake this yr?

  8. Choi Yen: Yeah its one of my favorite things to eat. After Mid-Autumn Festival is over, then no chance to eat edi until next yr.

  9. Michelle: Hehe yea. Cant resist them.



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