Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby D - Oozey Caramel Chocolate Cake with Sea Salt

Oozey Caramel Chocolate Cake with Sea Salt from Fatboybakes (RM80)

A very large "mooncake"?

Birthday boy with his sister :)

Decorated it a little to make it look like a children's cake (hehe)

Big sister helping lil brother cut his birthday cake

Very rich and chocolatey, and oozing with caramel

Happy Birthday Baby D!

To order your cakes from Fatboybakes, visit his blog here.

For full set of photos, please visit my Facebook page.


  1. beautiful cake full of chocolate flavors.

  2. Nava: The combination of chocolate and caramel is lovely.

  3. Michelle: If Im not mistaken, this "mooncake" is 1.6kg. :S

  4. when baby D is old enough, he'll also be able to look forward to fatboybakes' alcohol-laden cakes! :D

  5. This looks like a huge cake for that price. We would be hard pressed to get a deal like that here! Happy birthday Daniel


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