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Lunch @ Jim Thompson Lounge, Cameron Highlands Resort

Jim Thompson Lounge / Tea Room hosted our lunches during our stay in Cameron Highlands Resort. A cosy restaurant with comfortable chairs and great views of the golf course and the hotel gardens, it was lovely place to relax, as well as enjoy our food and company. The menu is a two-pager, offering both Western and local cuisines.

Our lunch corner for 2 days. Love the view and cool crisp air while dining

Great for sitting and relaxing, but a little more challenging when it comes to eating

Though there were Asian specialties on the menu, we stuck to the Western menu since the items sounded more interesting. Since we were on the YTL Platinum Plus package, we were entitled to an appetizer/soup, main course and dessert each.

We sampled all three of their salads, prepared with fresh Cameron vegetables. The salads were all nicely presented, very colorful indeed. The Cameron Style Nicoise Salad (RM35) had a generous serving of lightly seared tuna, still a beautiful pink in the centre. Some greens, cherry tomatoes, boiled egg, olives and pickles completed this ensemble.

Pretty in pink

Salad of Home Cured Salmon with honey mustard dressing (RM38)

The grilled sea water prawn salad (RM45) was served with cucumber noodle (ie thinly sliced cucumber strips) and petit of salad. The prawn was big and juicy, though we wouldn't have minded another prawn or two for the price they were charging.

There were 3 soups to choose from in the menu, however we only managed to try the Cream of Potato and Leek Soup (RM28). The soup was creamy and nicely flavoured, with bits of leeks with each spoonful.

The Pappardelle with a rich duck bolognese sauce and vine ripened tomatoes was nicely prepared, however I really struggled to finish this since portion was very huge and the sauce was very rich. This dish is best shared between two people.

Pappardelle (RM48)

Our favorite mains was their Classic Fish & Chips (RM38), so good that we ordered 2 portions on both days. The fish was flaky with a light, crisp batter and the hand cut chips was pretty good.

For a lighter option, one can try the sandwiches here. I enjoyed the Smoked Salmon with Aged Brie (RM38), the cheese worked so well with the smoked salmon. Definitely a sandwich I would recommend trying.

On the second day, my FIL and Hubby both ordered the Homemade Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Pie (RM42), served with English Parsley mash and cauliflower cheese. A well made pie with lovely pastry and flavoursome filling.

There are only 4 types of dessert on their lunch a la carte menu, so we tried all 4 of them over the course of 2 days. The fresh strawberries (RM30), sourced from the nearby Raju's farm were big, juicy and sweet. However, I didn't care much for the chocolate or vanilla sauce served with the strawberries as I found them to be too diluted.

No need to visit strawberry farm to get our fix since strawberries aplenty here at CHR

Happy face

The Citrus Creme Brulee (RM30) was served a cute dainty cup. Tastewise it was decent and I easily finished it in a few mouthfuls since portion was small. It was supposed to be served with fresh strawberries but was instead topped with a raspberry... didn't bother to enquire since we ordered fresh strawberries on the side.

The chilled chocolate mousse (RM30) was served in a shot glass and topped with a fresh strawberry. So-so only.

Our favorite dessert is possibly the Apple and Butterscotch Crumble (RM30) served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was different from what we imagined, more cake-like with nuances of cinnamon. Quite rich and decadent.

My MIL enjoyed the cafe latte here a lot, so much so that she had it after every meal during our stay.

A wide variety of Cameron BOH teas are served here (RM9 per pot) such as Cameron gold blend tea, Seri Songket flavoured tea (mango, lemon with mandarin, passion fruit, earl grey with tangerine, lime and ginger) and Bukit Cheding no.53. I enjoyed the latter best, I found the flavoured teas a little too perfumey and required quite a lot of sugar to make it palatable to my liking.

Tea leaves and not tea bags served here

Enjoy a cuppa

Cloudy afternoons

Verdict: Love the atmosphere at Jim Thompson Lounge / Tea Room, food in general was well prepared and nicely presented.

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For the full set of photos, please visit my Facebook page.

Service: Good.

Location: Cameron Highlands Resort, By The Golf Course, 39000 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.

Tel: 05-491 1100

GPS Coordinates: 4.469834,101.369433


  1. wow, the food prices are about 20-30 percent higher than i'd have expected. but i guess since the food is generally good and the ambiance is lovely, it still makes it worthwhile :D

  2. the happy face draw by you or the restaurant? So cute

  3. The food is quite pricey but then again, it's cameron highlands. :)

  4. Sean: Hotel prices mah... anyway most YTL resorts food outlets are on the high side. Anyway we were on the YTL package, which means all meals included so we didn't really worry much abt the prices.

  5. Small Kucing: I drew it... using the vanilla sauce :P

  6. Michelle: I think in general, Cameron Highlands food outside of the resort should be reasonably priced. Its bcos this is one of YTL Resorts, hence the higher food prices. They cater mostly for hotel guests.

  7. Looks like a very nice place for afternoon tea! Nice to know that the food served there is good. Haven't been to Cameron for so long, would want to visit there soon! =)

  8. Eat Only Lar: I would highly recommend this resort if you plan to visit Cameron Highlands. Its very nice and relaxing. Afternoon tea review is up next :)

  9. How do you eat heaps and stay slim.. and I know you don't exercise much! ;)

  10. Ciki: Eat first, worry later :P Anyway I think I shd cut down on my eating la... I eat way too much. Wish I was as slim and fit as you.


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