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Hari Raya Centerpieces & Cupcakes @ A Slice of Heaven by Just Heavenly

Want to get your Muslim friends or family something special for Hari Raya? Instead of the usual hampers, why not get them a unique Halal Hari Raya centerpiece from A Slice of Heaven by Just Heavenly .... not only do they come in beautiful designs, they taste absolutely delicious too! You can also get these cakes for yourselves; think of how beautiful the centrepieces would look on your table this Raya, it will surely wow your guests.

Just Heavenly are novelty cake specialists who design and facilitate the creation of YOUR dream cake. For Hari Raya, they have come up with 5 beautiful designs in a choice of 2 flavours (click here for more details on designs and prices).

To design dreams and serve pleasure...

Wau Malaysia - This centrepiece was created with the iconic Wau in mind. Flying high in the wind and from your heart to your loved ones for their Raya table. Available in their famous chocolate and sugee fruit flavours in 9" round (approx. 1.8kg), 11" x 11" (approx 4.2kg) and 11"x22" (approx. 8.5kg) from RM208 onwards.

Pelita Ramadhan - A flickering flame lights your path with God's blessings which are passed on to the recipient when you give them this gorgeous centrepiece. Available in their famous chocolate and sugee fruit flavours in 9" round (approx. 1.8kg), 11" x 11" (approx 4.2kg) and 11"x22" (approx. 8.5kg) from RM198 onwards.

Bulan Ramadhan - Stars light the night sky of Ramadhan with your blessings as your loved ones receive this beautiful cake. Available in their famous chocolate and sugee fruit flavours in 9" round (approx. 1.8kg), 11" x 11" (approx 4.2kg) and 11"x22" (approx. 8.5kg) from RM188 onwards.

There are also 2 other designs, namely Menyambut Raya (price start from RM388 onwards) and Buluh Raya (prices start from RM228 onwards). All Raya cakes come in a variety of shapes and packaged in an attractive gift box.

If you're looking for something more simple, Just Heavenly are also selling the cake only without any fondant decoration. Moist chocolate cake or traditional sugee fruit, wrapped in a beautiful gold box topped with a faux silk gold flower would surely put a smile on your recipient's face.

Other than the centrepieces, A Slice of Heaven have also introduced their Angry Birds cupcakes, priced at RM120 inclusive of the slingshot and presentation tray. Cute, colorful and very cool. If you love the game, you will love this.

Premium Angry Birds cupcakes

Cute characters from Plant Zombies also make an appearance on Just Heavenly's cupcakes. They can be bought separately at RM18 each.

Angry Birds vs Plant Zombies

These "Hei" or Chinese for Double Happiness cupcakes would make a wonderful wedding favour... sold at RM8.90 each and comes in two colors, yellow and red.

I was delighted to receive an invitation to Just Heavenly's headquarters in Bangsar for a masterclass in baking on top of viewing the Raya centrepieces and cupcakes. Nigel Skelchy, the affable brand and corporate communications director was our host for the afternoon. Nigel shared two recipes with us, the spiced date fruit cake and torrone. Only a master baker like Nigel can make baking look so easy and fun. And of course at the end of it all, we got to eat lots of yummy cakes! Thanks Nigel for a fun-filled afternoon.

At the end of this blogpost, you will find the recipe for torrone which Nigel has kindly shared. Hope you all enjoy making it.

Squeeze it, grate it, mix it... the making of spiced date fruit cake

The many faces of Nigel Skelchy :)

Spiced date fruit cake

Super moist spiced date fruit cake

Love these peanut butter chocolate cupcakes!

On sale at A Slice of Heaven (RM8.40 each)... must try!

Nigel makes the best mushroom quiche!

Sugee fruit cake - a traditional Melaka delicacy made with finest dried fruit such as golden raisins, citrus peel and crystallised watermelon in a buttery, open crumb cake.

Just Heavenly's bestseller, chocolate fudge cake

Mmmm they smell so good! Orange flower water and lemon zest

The making of torrone

Recipe for Torrone by Nigel Skechy of Just Heavenly
470g sugar
100g glucose
330g clear mild honey
120g egg white
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
1/4 tsp + 1/8 tsp salt
25g icing sugar
200g roasted whole almonds
200g dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, currants)
2 tbsp orange flower water
1 tbsp lemon zest

For variation:
- You can use any kind of nut.
- Omit the orange flower water and use rose water instead.
- Or omit the orange flower water and use 1 tsp plain vanilla

1. Put honey, glucose, and granulated sugar in a stainless steel heavy based pan and place over a medium heat to boil.

2. Using a sugar thermometer, watch temperature go up to 155°C.

3. While sugars are heating uo, prepare the egg whites with cream of tartar in a bowl of a stand mixer.

4. When temperature reaches 155°C, turn off heat and start whisking the egg whites on medium until soft peaks. Add in the icing sugar at this point.
5. By this time the temperature of the sugar will have reduced to 150°C. You can pour the hot sugar syrup slowly into the egg whites.

6. Pour it in a drizzle. It should look like you're pouring a little honey into a teacup.

7. Continue whisking for 5 minutes with a whisk, Add the flavourings (zest, vanilla etc). Switch to a paddle mixer and continue beating for a further 5 minutes.

8. While waiting for it to cool down sufficiently, prepare a 9"x9" square tin lined with cling film and lightly brushed with vegetable oil. If you have rice paper, put it on the bottom and oil the sides only.

9. Turn the mixer down to slow and fold in the roasted nuts and dried fruit for about a minute. Pour the torrone/nougat into the prepared tin, press down with another layer of rice paper or lightly greased cling film and refridgerate. Chill for at least 4 hours.

Torrone, a soft, chewy form of nougat from Italy

Gorgeous peeps at the party

The full set of photos can be found here.

For reservations/orders, please contact Just Heavenly:
Contact: Nigel Skelchy
Email: raya.justheavenly@gmail.com
Jaya One outlet: 03-7955 5212
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur outlet: 03- 2141 5150
For corporate orders, please call 03-22879866

Visit these links for more details and brochures on the Raya centrepieces:

*Please note that there is an early bird discount of up to 25% for orders made between 13 - 17 August 2011. What are you waiting for?


  1. Aw, the Angry Birds cupcakes look really really cute, I love them! And the Plants versus Zombies too! (Lol, I've been playing too much games) There're so many selection of cakes. So hard to choose from! Love them all!

  2. I like to way they present the Raya Cake (first 3), it is so rare and the surface is very glossy haha.

    And <3 the cupcakes~

  3. The one with the WAU very beautiful

  4. is the wau on the cake edible? it looks gorgeously designed! :D

  5. wondering if the fondant on top of cupcakes as good as Delectable which is able to dry and keep for few years...maybe will buy for collection :p

  6. Thanks so much Baby Sumo :-) Hope you don't mind if I answer some of the enquiries here ;-)

    Sean, to answer your question, most of it is edible. Only the coloured crystals should be removed. You can get these sugar jewels overseas but they haven't made their way here yet.

    Fui, we use the same brand ;-) It's a fondant which is imported ;-)

  7. i think i just drool all over myself scrolling down the photos in this post! :D~~~~~

  8. i love the angry bird cupcakes! really cute :)


  9. It was great meeting you babe! Can't believe we're same age but your kids are so big already! I have so much to catch up :P

  10. Fui: There is an early bird discount of up to 25% for the centrepieces. Check out here:

  11. Eat Only Lar: Hehe yea.. the angry birds cupcakes are really cute.

  12. Kian Fai: Yea the Raya cakes would look great on anyone's table hor. Very intricate designs.

  13. Small Kucing: Yea the wau one looks really intricate. Great handiwork by Just Heavenly.

  14. Michelle: I gather you're a big fan of Angry Birds too... you play the game?

  15. idontcryieat: Hey, I think you'll be able to make some of these designs too :)

  16. Christine: Thanks! Not sure why, but still can't add your new blog to my blogroll. The old url keeps reappearing. So weird.

  17. iamthewitch: So nice meeting you too. Hope we'll have the chance to meet again and speak more next time :D


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