Thursday, May 5, 2011

Revised Menu @ The Deli, MiCasa All Suite Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

After our first successful visit to The Deli, we returned again, this time with The Unc in tow to try more items off their menu. We had come with the intention of sampling the chicken liver pate sandwich, nicoise salad and duck confit salad. Unfortunately for us, the chicken liver pate sandwich has been removed from the menu (apparently not very well received by the customers) and some of the salad components for the nicoise salad has not arrived, so we had to revise our orders slightly.

New on the menu was the chicken katsu sandwich which was highly recommended to us. We were also told that it was newly put up on the menu that day (end of March) and that we would be the first paying customers to test it. So we decided to give it a try. The baby spinach salad is also no more, and has been replaced with a Japanese salad. There are also some additions to the dessert section, such as strawberry meringue and chocolate brownies. The homemade ice cream is now priced at RM10 per cup now (2 scoops), instead of RM10 per scoop.

Revised menu

There is also an option of soup of the day, which on the past 3 visits has always been pistou soup. On our latest visit this week (beginning of May), they have also added a few items of small bites (mezze) onto the menu such as sakura ebi, deep fried calamari and chicken liver pate. I am happy to see these additions on the menu as this means I have more things to try on my next visit.

Chicken katsu is basically breaded chicken cutlet deep fried and sliced into thin pieces, served with shredded cabbage. I think they use chicken thigh as the meat was moist, flavourful and not too dry. Some mustard is served on the side, which we applied liberally onto the chicken katsu and it really did wonders to the sandwich. However, I do feel the price tag of RM20 cannot really be justified if compared alongside with the grilled beef sandwich which in my opinion is much better value for money.

Chicken katsu sandwich (RM20)

Non-greasy chicken katsu

We liked the tartar sauce served with the fish and chips so much the last time, we requested if we could have some this time. They happily obliged and dip dip the chips we did.

Gorgeous tartar sauce

Since nicoise salad was not available that day, we ordered 2 portions of duck leg confit salad (RM17). Beautiful succulent duck which left us wanting more.

On our most recent visit, we were most impressed with the colour of the duck confit skin, fried to a beautiful golden brown. And in case you wondering, yes we do order duck confit on every visit just because we love it so much. Not to be missed!

We also brought our visitors from UK here for lunch twice, and they too love the food here. In fact, they're asking if we could return here again next week. Simple, good food.

One of our visitors had the grilled beef sandwich (RM20), once with wholemeal bread and once more with ciabatta. The beef was cooked to perfection, pink and tender. No prizes for guessing what he is having next week!

Our other guest tried the Japanese salad which included lettuce, radish, seaweed, sesame seeds and canned tuna. She enjoyed it so much that she also ordered this on both visits.

On another visit, Hubby tried the Nicoise Salad (RM15) and gave it his thumbs up. The salad has lettuce, french beans, potato, olives, raw tuna and a beautiful runny poached egg. Unfortunately for us, Baby C loves the poached egg so much, she just dives in and slurps it all up in a matter of seconds. I also tried the Nicoise Salad this week and I find it very refreshing and appetizing.

That's a good girl.. eat your greens

I have been told that the cakes are very good. We wanted to try the caramel flavour on our last visit, but sadly it was sold out. Oh well.

The desserts here are all served with a scoop of ice cream and you can usually select what flavour you want, except for the chocolate brownie which is paired with vanilla ice cream. But being the customer, you could always have it your way and go for something different. Our favorite ice cream flavour by far is caramel.

The apple tart (RM10) is quite different from what we're usually used to (the apple tart here is thinner in thickness), but it was still good nonetheless. On one of the visits however, I found it to be a little too sticky (as in it sticks to my gums and teeth when I try to chew it) and also difficult to cut on the plate.

Of all the desserts, I like the strawberry meringue (RM10) best. Light and airy, it is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. The fresh strawberries are sweet and served in a generous portion.

I posted a photo of the meringue on Instagram and someone commented it looked like an octopus, so I drew a face on it and reposted the photo. Cute?

The chocolate brownies (RM10) is rich and have a cake-like texture. Just as a matter of personal taste, we prefer ours moist (just like the ones I usually bake).

A visit to The Deli is not complete without visiting the hotel pool. Baby C wishes she had a gorgeous pool like this at home.

Opening times: 11am to 7pm. Closed on Sundays.

Complimentary parking available for The Deli customers. A delivery service to nearby offices is in the works.

Service: Good.

Price: Reasonable.

Location: The Deli, Micasa All Suite Hotel, 368B, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2179 8082 ext. 7082

GPS Coordinates: 3.162273, 101.719548


  1. Surprisingly the prices are quite affordable! Baby C is so adorable!!

  2. I took a picture in front of the pool. :D A lot of people asked me if it was my house and I said "I wish!"

    It's really beautiful!

  3. I think I shall pay a visit >.> been a year didn't have my fish n chips~

  4. Thanks Melissa! Yeah you should try this place if you like salads and sandwiches :)

  5. Michelle: My daughter HAS to go to the pool everytime we go to The Deli. She will just sit on the deck chair and admire the pool. :D So cute.

  6. Fui: The fish and chips here is recommended, I esp love the tartare sauce. Can easily finish 3 portions of the sauce :P

  7. Love the Deli! I'm hankering for that Duck Confit and the Salad Nicoise!

  8. Yup best duck confit fr that price! It's my little "city-hideaway" ;p

  9. Have you tried dumplings and roast ducks? They are the famous and traditional Beijing dieshes. And also bird's nest soup? Its a delicacy in China.

    Enjoy your days~~~



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