Friday, January 28, 2011

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar, The Gardens Residences, Kuala Lumpur

Lunch at Sage always feels special. I love the food here. The service is excellent. Dining with my special someone makes it even more special.

During the Thaipusam break, what better way to spend the holidays than indulge in Sage. We were seated in our favourite corner, where we could observe the open kitchen... I like to call it the "premium spot" as you get lots of natural lighting here and this is where I take some of my best food photos. I love the freshly baked bread.... don't be shy to ask for refills, we're not ;P

Freshly baked bread

Hubby was blown away by his starter of Warm Egg Mollet on Brioche with Parmesan Cheese and Shaved Truffles. The combination of the perfectly cooked egg and truffles was just amazing! I was a little jealous and regretful that I did not order this. Hubby declared this one of the best starters he's had in Sage; the inclusion of black truffles has a huge positive impact on this otherwise simple creation.

Just perfect

I had the Carpaccio of Hiramasa with Baby Cress and Umeboshi Vinaigrette. The flavours were very clean and the hiramasa (kingfish) was very fresh.

For the main course, Hubby had the Mijoté of Wagyu Cheek served with tempura vegetables and white miso sauce. I did not notice this until I actually got home and was editing the photos, but see how the sauce is poured and has taken the shape of a mushroom. To be honest, the first thing that crossed our minds when the dish arrived at our table was how unattractive it looked. Three shades of brown... it sure ain't the prettiest dish we've seen at Sage. But don't be fooled by its appearance as the wagyu cheek was very tender and packed full of flavour. It is nice to be served with a well presented dish, however given the choice of great taste or great appearance, taste wins everytime.

Mijoté of Wagyu Cheek with Vegetables and Sauce White Miso

Totally satisfying... Hubby enjoyed it very much

I had the Steamed Atlantic Seabass topped with sliced abalone, edamame and Nori seaweed sauce. The fish was fresh and flaky. We've had a similar dish here before but with garoupa and the sauce this time was a litte lighter in flavour. The edamame added a nice texture to the dish.

Dessert was the Vichyssoise of Fuji Apple with Cointreau Ice-Cream, which I was excited to see on the menu since I enjoyed it the last time I had it. The second time around, I loved it just as much... wonderfully creamy and refreshing "soup" with poached apple chunks and apple jelly. The Cointreau ice-cream is perfection, making this dessert simply exquisite.

Another delectable lunch at Sage.. ♥

For their weekly lunch menu, click here. Full a la carte menu here.

Opening hours: Lunch:Monday to Friday 12.00pm to 2.00pm; Dinner:Monday to Saturday 6.00pm to 10.30pm. Closed on Sunday.

Price: RM100 nett. 10% off with The Gardens Club card.

Location: Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar, The Gardens Residences, Level 6, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2268 1328


  1. after cooking my own beef cheeks for close to 5-6 hours in the oven (i think there was a spike in my electricity bill that month) before, i fully appreciate the effort to make one since it is really quite a cheap cut of meat.

  2. The food presentation is quite dull...
    since we pay quite high too eat at this kind of restaurant they should be particular bout this..
    just my humble opinion

  3. Joe: Yea there are some things better left to the experts.

    Muhamad Khidir: Hi, thx for yr comment. The food here at Sage is usually very well presented. You can check out my other posts on Sage to compare.

  4. wow, that egg starter really does blow the hiramasa out of the water! i'm grief-stricken to say i've never been to sage for lunch before, so i've never managed to sample their weekly sets...

  5. Sean: The set lunch at Sage is a "good value" version of their dinner offerings.

    We were pretty impressed that they were generous with the truffle shavings. I dined in another restaurant a week ago which mentioned "truffles" in the name of the dish but the dish itself only came with 3 pitiful slices of truffle :(

  6. Michelle: I would eat here every week if I could.

  7. Sage... Sage... Sage. When ever will I visit thee? :(

    You totally had me at the warm egg mollet, by the way. *swoons*

  8. Haha, so true, that wagyu cheek's presentation might not look attractive but it taste so awesome, juicy,tender and flavorful! I like it XD

    I just realized their set dinner is even more expensive now, raised 10%, from 150 to 165 now, so it really make the set lunch even more value for money now~~

  9. LFB: Oh no, you haven't been before? Maybe you can go with Sean since he hasn't been for lunch too.. hehe.

  10. Fui: Hi, I visited yr blog after reading your comment.

    I also noticed that the prices for their set dinner has gone up.. luckily they decided to maintain the set lunch price :D

  11. Really hope their lunch price won't raise >.<


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