Monday, November 22, 2010

San Terri Cottage, The Gardens, Kuala Lumpur

Although Christmas is still a month away, most departmental stores in The Gardens Mall have already decked out their display windows with Xmas decor.

Robinson's, The Gardens Christmas decor

Each year, The Gardens Club will present their cardmembers with a complimentary slice of cake for their birthday. The cake can be collected from the nominated bakery during the birthday month. This year, the nominated bakery is San Terri Cottage. From the choice of 5 flavours available, I chose Footy (RM6.50) since my daughter likes chocolate cake.

I was intrigued as to why this cake was named "Footy" so I searched the internet for an answer. Apparently, the name comes from the mini footprints imprinted on the top layer of the cake. However, the cake that we got that day was clearly missing the footprints.

That said, I wouldn't fault the cake in terms of flavour as it was absolutely delicious. Rich chocolate cake with cream and blueberry layers. Furthermore, it wasn't too sweet. I would definitely be back for more, having spotted a few other flavours I would like to try. This would be a nice change from Secret Recipe, which have recently let me down with their poor cake quality (ie not fresh).

Thanks to The Gardens Club for the complimentary cake.

Price: Cakes are priced between RM6.00 to RM8.00 per slice.

Location: San Terri Cottage, Lot LG-K-06, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (opposite Cold Storage)

Tel: 016-227 6429


  1. uiks....why one bite hilang-ed? hahaha

  2. Small Kucing: My daughter cannot tahan and took a bite before I finish taking pics :-P

  3. the cake looks good!
    looks very moist too...wish to have a slice now ^_^

  4. melissa: can try next time you're in The Gardens.

    zoe: Yeah, complimentary from The Gardens Club. If spend above RM1K in The Gardens, can apply for the card. :)

  5. Tried a few time their cake, the chestnut & green tea cake not bad. Their cake really similar with RT Pastry, don't know who copy who, haha^^

  6. The cake look moist and tasty. Taste wise, hmmm .... can't differentiate them and RT.

  7. choi yen: Yeah, I wanted to try the Green Tea also, but scared my daughter don't like the taste so chocolate was a safer choice.Never heard of RT before this, but now I know they have a branch at Taman Desa, definitely will try it next time I go for some Sanuki Udon.

    email2me: Doesn't matter if they're similar, as long as it tastes nice :-P

  8. zoe: No no, can be accumulated receipts on the same day. :)


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