Saturday, September 4, 2010

Warung Mak Mah Nasi Ayam 2, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

As a food blogger, it was only natural that I scout for some "good seafood restaurants" online that we could go to during our trip at Port Dickson. Unfortunately, blogs reviewing Port Dickson restaurants were scarce.

One of my relatives who regularly goes to Port Dickson recommended Jin Men Grill Fish Restaurant, which is located in Jalan Ayer Meleleh, off Jalan Bakar Sampah. He offered some directions, however he warned that it would be difficult for first timers to locate as it is in a secluded area.

We tried locating Jin Men but to no avail. We were starving by then. We passed Warung Mak Mah Nasi Ayam 2 while trying to locate Jin Men, and The Unc vaguely remembers eating some good seafood here before.

Although the name of the place suggests that it serves Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice), they do much more than that. Seafood, nasi campur (mixed rice), roti canai (flatbread), Ramly burgers, and even yong tau foo! Local specialties such as lontong, soto ayam, mee jawa, nasi kerabu and nasi dagang (just to name a few) are served here for breakfast.

A list of daily breakfast and teatime specials

Since dining is alfresco, a refreshing coconut drink is very much welcomed.

Seafood is fresh, as they are from the day's catch. The seafood are kept in an ice box. If you are having ikan bakar (grilled fish), you choose which fish you want, it gets weighed and you tell the kitchen staff how you would like it cooked. We had wanted ikan pari (stingray) but it wasn't available that day so we settled for cencaru (torpedo scad) and siakap (seabass).

While waiting for our ikan bakar, we ordered a roti canai (RM0.80) and was surprised that it was so nice and crisp. Even the accompanying curry sauce was good.

Roti Canai

We opted for the siakap to be cooked tiga rasa (sweet, sour and spicy) and it turned out to be a good choice. Our fish came to RM25 for 550g. The fish was fresh and the sauce was very appetizing, a treat for the palate. We even drenched some of our rice with the sauce.

Siakap Tiga Rasa

What's left of the siakap after 10 minutes

The cencaru (RM8) was stuffed with sambal and then grilled. When it arrived, we thought that it looked a little too burnt, however with this fish, the hard skin is usually not eaten and is peeled off. The fish meat was nice eaten with the spicy sambal paste.

Cencaru Bakar

The best dish we had here has to be the Sotong Sambal (squid in sambal sauce) (RM12 for 300g), it was not too spicy and absolutely delicious eaten with rice. We polished the plate clean in a matter of minutes.

Sotong Sambal

It's been a while since I indulged in a Ramly burger, a childhood favorite of mine. We ordered a Burger Daging Special (RM2.40), which comes with a beef patty wrapped in egg and generous amount of mayo, BBQ and tomato ketchup. Yummy!!

Verdict: The food here is really tasty and fresh. I wouldn't hesitate coming back here the next time we're in Port Dickson. A lucky find for us.

Open 24 hours daily

Price: Under RM50 for 4 persons.

Location: Warung Mak Mah Nasi Ayam 2, Lot 1175, Jalan By-Pass, off Jalan Bakar Sampah, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

GPS Coordinates: 2.529552, 101.804166


  1. Yeah, food recommendations seem almost non existence in Port Dickson as a friend also recently asked what is good there. Good find.

  2. saya_arief: boleh cuba jugak!

    smallkucing: cheap + yummy = good :)

    boo_licious: most of the time, it's try your luck and see if u land urself with a good restaurant in PD.

  3. Sotong sambal! Yummms my favorite!

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