Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hotel Review: Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson

Port Dickson may not be the cleanest and nicest beach around, but it is close to home. And kids love the beach!

Choosing a hotel in Port Dickson can be a tricky affair. Most of the hotels are not very well maintained. We finally settled for Avillion Admiral Cove as it is a fairly new hotel and the rooms on the website looked quite promising.

We turned up at the hotel without any reservation, but managed to get a room easily. However, I have to say I was really disappointed with the front desk service, the employees were actually very rude and not helpful at all. You know what they say about first impressions? First impressions do count, and I was not impressed. Personally, I think the people you put in reception should be warm and friendly, and make the guests feel welcomed.

The reception area is incredibly tiny, however decor is quite tasteful.

Avillion Admiral Cove is very much like a hotel-in-the-city but with a view of the sea. I say sea because, this hotel is actually located next to the Admiral Marina & Leisure Club and not by the beach. So, if you want to bring your kids to the beach, then this is not the hotel for you. Your best option would be Avillion Port Dickson, which actually has a beach.

The marina

So how are the rooms here? For PD standards, I would say it is good. But don't compare it with 4 and 5-star hotels in KL. The decor is contemporary. We went for the top of the range, Straits Studio and paid RM350.75. For a newly opened hotel, I was surprised to find that a lot of the furniture was already showing wear and tear.

The king sized beds were pretty comfy

Pangkin daybed

The sea view from our room

Million dollar houses in view


The pool area was shaded by tall trees, so it was nice to play in it with the children.

Breakfast in Trader's Food Shop.

I was very disappointed with the quality of the buffet. The eggs were watery and the selection was pretty poor.

There were 2 things which really annoyed me during our stay here. Firstly, our room is located quite close to the lifts and I suspect that there is no soundproofing to the room walls. Everytime the lift is utilised, we can hear the doors opening "ding". It is even more noticable when you are trying hard to fall asleep at night. Secondly, when we were trying to relax by the pool between 8am-9am, we were interrupted the whole time by the loud buzzing noise from the grass cutter! Can't they cut the grass when there is less people by the pool, perhaps when it is a little hotter? Talk about common sense!

Overall, I wasn't very impressed with the service at this hotel/resort. Rooms were okay. Not really some place I would return to.

Room rate: RM350.75 for Straits Studio.
Location: Avillion Admiral Cove, 5 1/2th mile, Jalan Pantai, 71050 SiRusa, Port Dickson, Malaysia.
Tel: 06-6470888


  1. The scenery looks nice! good photographer.. haha...

  2. Wow, the scenery from the hotel is good. :)G Gonna consider that hotel when I go to Port Dickson next time.

  3. fujiko: thanks!

    jfook: the scenery is good, but hotel service is just so-so. I would recommend Avillion Port Dickson instead (almost same price).

  4. Its true about finding a good hotel in PD. The pictures you get from their websites are normally not trueIf like the beach, try the selesa beach resort. I stayed there lately. The beach is clean and the price is almost the same as the one you paid in Admiral Cove.

    You can check my reviews here on hotels in PD, We too love the beach A Layman's Guide to Port Dickson, Malaysia

  5. Azmil: Thanks for the tips! We usually go to Pangkor Laut Resort or Tanjong Jara Resort if we want nice beaches, and only to Port Dickson if we're bringing our little one as she does not like long journeys in the car/plane.

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