Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In search of best Penang char koay teow

Penang is famous for their hawker food, in particular the char koay teow. We were in Penang for a short break and I was determined to find my perfect plate of char koay teow!

Here's our verdict:

#1 - Gurney Drive (Store no. 107) - The texture of the noodles was a little wet due to the still runny yolk. The chives is still raw, more of a garnish for this dish. 4 large king prawns - yum! This is the best thing about Penang char koay teow, they always use big big prawns unlike other versions of char koay teow. Not bad but not the best.

#2 - Lorong Selamat (goggled chef) - Before we came to Penang, we did some online research and read about the aunty in Lorong Selamat who wears goggles while cooking. However, the shop was closed on that day, and a few shops down the road, there is an goggled uncle dishing up plates of char koay teow too! Since we walked all the way here, might as well give it a go. We were not disappointed, a very tasty plate of char koay teow with big juicy prawns and pieces of 'lap cheong' (chinese sausage). Very good!

#3 - Swatow Lane Hawker Centre - We came to this hawker centre following an article on The Star featuring this place. However I have to say the char koay teow here is really lousy! I ordered the special with duck egg, but this plate of char koay teow is really lacking in flavour. I was so disappointed.
#4 - Sister's at Jalan Macalister - On our last and final day, our cab driver made a detour to this stall when he heard we haven't tasted the famous Sister's char koay teow yet! Well it wasn't like we didn't want to, but we couldn't find the stall. Anyway I am so glad that he took us here, as the char koay teow was delicious with big juicy prawns, cockles, egg, chives and topped with shredded crab meat. The beansprouts still had a very nice crunch to it. Everything was spot on!

I therefore proclaim #4 as the best char koay teow in Penang, followed closely by #2! Well, at least for me.

If you do not have time to go all the way to Penang for char koay teow, I reckon the one you get from Little Penang in Midvalley is pretty decent.

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