Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hana Dining + Sake Bar - Signature Course Menu

Hana Dining & Sake Bar in Sunway Pyramid has recently revamped their menu and we were invited to try out their signature course meal. The chefs draw inspiration from cuisines around Taiwan, Japan and Western countries to create Hana's unique fusion Japanese dishes.

The Signature Course Meal is highly popular with restaurant guests as it showcases many of the restaurant's signature dishes and will appeal to diners looking for variety and quality at a good price. Diners can choose from the Signature Course Meal for 2 pax (RM130). 4 pax (RM280) and 6 pax (RM450). We sampled the latter, which comes with a total of 13 dishes, dessert and miso soup.

For each course, there will be a selection of items that the diners can choose from. For example, in the salad category, there will be 3 choices and diners can choose two as part of the Signature Course Meal (for 6 pax). Other than the two salad, diners will get to choose 2 appetizers, 1 sashimi platter, 2 makimono, 2 agemono, 2 yakimono and 2 menrui or gohan.

For salad, we had the Wafu Kaisen Salad (RM25) and Gobo Salad (RM20). We enjoyed the Gobo Salad, whereby garden vegetable was topped with crispy deep fried gobo (burdock root) strips and a honey mustard dressing. The Wafu Kaisen Salad tastes healthier - an appetizing salad, with garden salad, fruits (sliced apple and pineapple chunks) and seafood (crabsticks) with a tangy Japanese-style dressing.

Next, for the appetizers, we had the Tsuke Shiro Maguro (RM25) - white tuna, or better known as butterfish is marinated with garlic, vinegar and olive oil. We also had the Kamo Kyuuri (RM28) - this was one of my favorite dishes of the evening. The thinly sliced grilled duck breast was topped with Japanese cucumber, pickled onions and an appetizing dressing.

The highlight of this Signature Course Meal, without a doubt was the Take Sashimi Moriawase (RM110), which comes with six type of sashimi (16 pieces) - salmon, maguro (tuna), toro (tuna belly), amaebi (sweet prawn), hotategai (scallop) and kanpachi (amberjack). Fresh and good!

Both the makis we had here were very tasty. The cheese maki (RM25) had a homemade crab mince centre, and was topped with sticky mozzarella cheese. The Hana Shake Maki (RM28) is one of the new items on the revamped menu, whereby a special garlic Kewpie sauce is topped on raw salmon and then torched. The cucumber in the centre also gives a nice crunch to the maki.

Chef Thomas torching our Hana shake maki

The chicken namban (RM18) was pretty ordinary - deep fried chicken fillets served with a sweet chilli sauce. I prefer the tempura moriawase (RM25), an assortment of prawn and vegetable tempura in a light batter.

We also liked the Mentaiko Nagaimo Yam (RM23) - baked crunchy Japanese yam, topped with mentaiko (cod fish roe) and cheese.The Kani Tamagoyaki (RM22), a crab meat omelette with assorted mushrooms arrives on a sizzling hot plate.

The Santen Mori Soba (RM18), features inaniwa udon imported from Japan, buckwheat and green tea soba, served cold with soba dipping sauce and quail's egg. Lastly, we had the Saba gohan (RM18),  mackarel claypot rice with ponzu soy sauce, which was tasty and flavorful.

If there's one dessert you should try at Hana, it's the shiro goma ice cream (RM7). We loved the unique and fragrant taste of this white sesame ice cream. Other desserts here are tofu cheesecake - homemade cake using cheese, tofu and yogurt, which was light and delicious as well as matcha ice cream (RM7).

You can also find raindrop cake here, the much-talked about dessert which the Americans went ga-ga for. A set of 2 will cost RM8. Wobbly and soft, the raindrop cakes are topped with kinako.

*Prices indicated next to the dishes are the prices you pay should you order from the a la carte menu.

Hana Dining + Sake Bar menu can be viewed here.

Opening times: Sun-Thu 11.30am to 11pm; Fri-Sat 11.30am - 1am

Location: Hana Dining + Sake Bar, OB 2.G.U1, Oasis Boulevard, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid, 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Selangor.

Tel: 03-5624 0888

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  1. And now I feel hungry because of those incredible dishes. Everything looks great especially the desserts! The raindrop cake really caught my attention :)

  2. Lovely Japanese fare, Dessert looks good.


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