Monday, August 11, 2014

Fish Market, Hamburg, Germany

Visiting the Fish Market in Hamburg is a must when you are in Hamburg. This street market is open only on Sundays from 5 am to 9.30am, so expect to see loads of people; locals, tourists and people filtering in after a late night out from the St. Pauli area. We went there at 6am expecting to view the sunrise but unfortunately weather was cloudy and there was also a slight drizzle.

It is called a fish market but it does sell other goods as well

Nice view of the Hamburg port from the market.

Fresh fish on display.

While other shops sell herbs and vegetables...

Others sell fruits

Oversized smurf, evidently pulled an all-nighter partying!

The auction hall, which doesn't really have any auctioners on Sunday but houses live bands on two ends of the hall. A rather amusing experience to see people listening to bands and having a beer at 6am in the morning

A flower truck!

Live, plump chicken

A submarine museum nearby the fish market.

Smoked eel in a bun

Deep fried calamaris, prawns and fish

Deep fried calamari with garlic sauce

Fruit baskets

Spotted a few to-be-wedded couples going through the market. Must be a big thing over here!

The auctioners. If you are a good enough bargainer you can wheel and deal your way to some cheaper fish. Definitely an interesting experience seeing the man bellowing at the top of his voice without rest.

The walk back to the Landungsbrücken train/bus/boat station is scenic.

Opening times: Sundays; April to October 5am to 9.30am, November to March 7am to 9.30am

Address: Große Elbstraße 9, 22767 Hamburg

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  1. I love the markets overseas - they're so different and so interesting. Always keen on dropping by and just look around. I would have a problem with the language at this one though.

  2. Wow ...
    Lots of fresh stuffs over there ! I don't having some fresh bbq fish and squids under the cool weather, and beer !!

  3. What a great place! Love those fruits, like cherries! They are so expensive here!

  4. Nice nice, we have street market here twice a week, but I always miss that. Wednesday I need to work, and Saturday I always go to somewhere else, haha.

  5. that's quite a diverse selection at the market ... fun pics, and i liked the one with the bride walking through! :D


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