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Cook Like a Star:

Here are the themes for Cook Like a Star for the next few months.
July 2013: Curtis Stone (Host by Zoe, Joyce and Yen)
Aug 2013: Nigella Lawson(Host by ZoeJoyce and Anuja)
Sept 2013: Ree Drummond (Host by Zoe, Yen and Mich)
Nov 2013: Bill Granger (Host by Joyce or Mich and Yen)

What should you do to participate this Blog Hop?

Your post must be a current post - please do not link older posts.

Please mention Cook like a Star in your post and link back to all the hosts.

There is NO members' list, just join in whenever you can. Please feel free to display "Cook Like a Star" badge on your blog if you wish to join us. This blog hop is opened for everyone.

There is NO commitment, too... which means you can do this anytime when you like.

There is NO limitation on how many times you can cook or bake for this blog hop. You can cook or bake as many times as you like as long as the recipes that you used are published by the nominated celebrity chef for the month. This means that multiple submissions of different recipes are allowed. The recipes that you used can be from the nominated chef's cookbooks, magazines or websites. In fact, everyone can cook exactly the same thing as there is NO limitation for doing that.

You can even submit your same blog post to any other blog events but you have to make sure that you check the rules of the other events.

IMPORTANT - Please DO NOT breach any copyright rules. In regardless if you use the entire or partial of the recipe, with or without any of your adaptions, please include title of the book, magazine or the link to the original recipe in your blog post.

Little Thumbs Up:

I will be hosting Little Thumbs Up in August 2013 and the theme will be "EGGS". This event will start on 1 August 2013 and end in on the last day of the month. Using the ingredient of the month, all participating blog post will cook or bake and link up at the hostess's blog.

You can cook anything with eggs (preferably something healthy for your family) and link up to my post in August! :)


  1. Oh? Have to cook THEIR recipe?, thank you. No hope of winning anyway, me - half past six, amateur...not master standard.

    1. Nola, it's not a contest. Just a cook along, so everybody just tries a MasterChef recipe and share how it goes - and if others like it, they can try cooking it too.

    2. It's a good way for ppl to try new recipes in the kitchen.

  2. wow.. totally out of my depth.. but... i support you!! hehe :P


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