Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Boddam Chip Shop, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

On our way up to Peterhead to see the Red Arrows, we stopped by at Boddam for our dinner. This coastal village is 3 miles from Peterhead and one of its most famous landmarks is the Buchan Ness Lighthouse.

For dinner, we had fish and chips from Boddam Chip Shop (yup, 3rd time that week cos fish and chips in Scotland is awesome!).

The fish and chips is cooked to order, so expect a 15-20 minute wait. After being served, we headed down to the lighthouse and enjoyed dinner with a gorgeous seascape view.

We had the regular fish supper (haddock fresh from Peterhead market, delivered daily) (£5) which comes with chips. The batter is light and crisp with lovely moist fish, and we enjoyed the chips too. We also had the Haggis pudding (£2.75) which is haggis coated in batter and deep fried while the kids had a portion of scampi each (£4). Everything was well cooked, if we had to nitpick, maybe this was a little greasier than the other ones we've had otherwise an enjoyable meal with great views.

Buchan Ness Lighthouse

Boddam Post Office

Opening times: 4pm to 8pm daily.

Price: Total bill £19.25 for 4 pax.

Location: Boddam Chip Shop, 4 Russell St, Boddam, Peterhead AB42 3NG, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Tel: +44 (0)1779 238090

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  1. I can imagine biting into the gorgeous fish fillet! Yummmm!!! Breathtaking scenery!


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